Articles by Anna Peretolchina

Duma Committee Calls for Reform of Foreign Specialist Permits

Highly qualified foreigners will receive work permits outside of the Federal Migration Service's quota system, and the government will need to review the request for the permit within 14 days. Currently, work permits take 12 months to 23 months to be processed.

Foreign Firms Agree to Stay Bribe-Free

On Wednesday, dozens of leaders of international companies working in Russia will commit themselves to refraining from participating in corrupt practices.

Energy Ministry Reduces 2015 Power Forecast

The Energy Ministry is rewriting its GOELRO-2 power plan, under which 20 percent to 25 percent less capacity will be built by 2015 than had been expected when the document was created four years ago.

Government Asks Investors for Privatization Feedback

The government is planning to ask investors what assets they would like to buy from the state, an idea proposed by First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov to speed up privatizations.