Articles by Anna Badkhen

Local Fare Beats U.S. Food Aid

Lunch was going to be lamb kebab again, and my boyfriend refused to travel any further.

Theater of Absurd With Bush, Putin

What would the transcript of a conversation about the media between Bush and Putin look like?

Getting Away With Plain Dysentery

Riding the dust, diseases whirl in the dried-out wasteland, hopping from sick mother to condemned child.

Another Complicated Ownership Concept

What can you expect in a place where a man is considered the owner of his female partner?

Banging Fists Against City Hall's Walls

Mayor Yury Luzhkov this summer banned two shows that would have changed Moscow.

Shashlyk Politics of the Transcaucasus

The delicious shish kebabs you'll find on Shashlyk Street transcend war and national conflict.

Wilson's Words Echo 80 Years Later

What will Russian high school history textbooks say about Russia's Chechnya campaign in 80 years?

A Vestige of the Once Mighty KGB

""The Federal Security Service is not what it used to be anymore,"" an Ingush legislator ruminated.

Don't Accept Peaches From The FSB

Having apple brandy and peaches with one's own FSB escort is a story of mysterious transformations.

Toxic Zones Are All Around Us

RadiationЧ itТs in their bread, in their bones, and in the graves of their dead and dying children.

The Nation Where Clothes Are Optional

Anna Badkhen examines the politically correct term 'clothes optional area' in a Russian context.

A Room of One's Own, Facing South

Your satellite phone will take your story and deliver it to your editorТs desk. Supposedly.

A Monument To Public Enemy No. 2

Of the 2.2 million Russians who died last year, 34,000 died of alcohol poisoning.

The Country's a War Zone

Chechnya was close, just behind the steep wooded ridge Ч but this was not the war in Chechnya.

On the Road From St. Pete To Moscow

Who would imagine that the road that connects RussiaТs two major cities could be so outrageously bad?

In Praise of All Things Left Unfinished

Moscow's Third Ring Road carries drivers for 10 minutes from one traffic jam to another.

No Holiday Fireworks in Muslyumovo

Most Russians do not regard the day when Russia's sovereignty was declared as a turning point.

The Sting of Security Ruins Another Night

To attend a Sting concert at Moscow's Olympic Stadium it seems that tickets are not all that's required.

Everyone in Makhachkala Packs a Gun

With most residents carrying firearms, arriving in Dagestan can be a little striking for visitors.

Slowly but Surely Going Nowhere

The sun was up. It was hot. I didn't know how long I might be at this checkpoint. All around us was bleak Dagestani desert: no towns, no villages, no nothing.

And You Get the Worms for Free, Too!

""Snap!"" went the net. The night of fishing was over for the Retushevs. ""Well, they were asking for it,"" an onlooker said.

Read This! Before I Go Up in Smoke

SCENE 1. Ukraine. Wasteland around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. A motley crowd of JOURNALISTS surrounds a guide.

Where Enemies Look Like People

The enemy was sitting cross-legged on the dirt floor of their dugout in Agjabedi.

Can You Tell Me Where I Left My Soul?

A Buddhist teacher once said that when people travel too much, their souls can't catch up with them.

A Fairy Tale Of Moscow Street Life

Once upon a time, there was a lion that never said anything. The lion stood on a pedestal on Leninsky Prospekt. It promoted a leather-goods store that was open 24 hours a day.

A Novella That Doesn't Really End

In March 2001, the world prepared for the apocalypse.The apocalypse was to befall with the descent of the 136-ton Mir space station.

Pardon Me, But You Are In My Space

Imagine a sun-lit Moscow courtyard at three in the afternoon on a late March weekday. In between the snowdrifts, one can see parking places; some are occupied.

Effective Ads Can Change Your Life

An advertising agency responsible for meowing cat food billboards has been inundated with complaints.

A Ride From Epiphany to Disillusion

Do you know what happens when you get home and open the large box with boards and nails that should theoretically become a piece of IKEA furniture?

Experiencing A Meltdown Over Sexism

Why, pray tell, did he get a piece of lemon to squeeze over all the mouth-watering seafood on his plate Ц when I didnТt? Sexism.