Articles by Andrew Wilson

Georgia on Europe's Mind

It has been two years since the European Union launched its Eastern Partnership. Though it was conceived before the war, its implementation was accelerated to reassure Georgia and its neighbors that the EU opposed any effort by Russia to impose a "sphere of influence" on the region.

Eastern Europe's Tito Option

Success stories in what the European Union calls Уthe neighborhoodФ have been hard to come by. First Georgia, then Ukraine and most recently Moldova have all been big EU hopes. But in each case, those hopes were dashed.

Creating Good Neighbors in Russia's Backyard

European Union policy toward its neighbors to the east is in trouble, despite the launch of its new Eastern Partnership.

EU Should Focus on Kiev

The war in Georgia has clearly exposed the security vacuum in the surrounding region, as well as a lot of raw nerves.

The Orange Revolution, One Year On

On Nov. 22, 2004, the mass protests began that sparked Ukraine's Orange Revolution. One year on, has it all gone horribly wrong?

The Fate of 'Political Technology'

The changes to Russia's election laws passed by the State Duma before the summer recess have led many observers to wonder about the future of so-called ""political technology,"" the techniques used to influence election outcomes across the former Soviet Union.

Ukraine Is Not Russia

Russia now has its ""managed democracy"" -- what it does with it is a different matter.

Russia and Europe

Recent developments Ч including plans for enlarging the European Union Ч indicate an opportunity to enter a new phase in RussiaТs relations with Europe.