Articles by Andrew Hammond

How Xi Can Repair China's Global Reputation

Perhaps the biggest reform that China needs to carry out is reducing the role of the state.

Global Anxiety Over the U.S. Leadership Gap

The U.S. leadership gap is exacerbated by the notion that China has become the new leader.

Obama's Foreign Policy Turn

U.S. President Barack Obama's victory over Mitt Romney is a landmark moment in U.S. politics.  He is only the second Democratic president after Bill Clinton to win re-election since Franklin Roosevelt, and he did so despite a challenging economic headwind of sluggish growth and  8 percent unemployment.

How to Make U.S. Foreign Policy Smarter

For U.S. voters, the state of the country's economy has traditionally been a more important election issue than foreign policy. In the past week, however, the tragic murder of a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, has placed foreign policy in a more prominent position in the campaign.

Saudis Back U.S. Troop Increase

  • 17 January 07
  • Reuters
Saudi officials told U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday that Arab countries were ready to back a U.S. plan to stabilize Iraq, but that success was the responsibility of the Iraqi government.

Getting Beyond the Veil Isn't Easy in Saudi Arabia

  • 28 July 06
  • Reuters
Sitting in the reception area of a Saudi newspaper office, we do nothing more damning than talk about the weather and the local press.

Saudis Kill Suspects in Al-Qaida Oil Attack

  • 28 February 06
  • Reuters
Saudi forces on Monday killed five suspected militants believed to be linked to an al-Qaida attack on the world's biggest oil processing plant, the Saudi Interior Ministry said.

Saudis Take First Steps on Route to Reform

  • 03 February 06
  • Reuters
Slowly but surely, ultraconservative Saudi Arabia appears to be loosening the bonds of its strictly controlled society, despite the absence of big government initiatives on political reform.

UAE Mourns the Death of Its Founding Father

  • 04 November 04
  • Reuters
Millions mourned Wednesday the death of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahayan, the ruler who transformed the United Arab Emirates from a desert country into one of the few development successes in the Arab world.

U.S. Using 'Show of Force' Tactics

  • 04 December 03
  • Reuters
When U.S. soldiers found explosives in the house of Aziz Abdel-Wahhab and his elderly wife during a raid in the Iraqi town of Hawija, they proposed swift and direct punishment -- demolishing the building.

Bush Pushes Mideast Peace Plan

  • 04 June 03
  • Reuters
U.S. President George W. Bush launched the most ambitious U.S. Middle East peace mission in two years Tuesday, meeting Arab leaders to try to win support for ending Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed.

Report: Army Says Iraq War Decided

  • 23 January 03
  • Reuters
European heavyweights France and Germany joined forces Wednesday to prevent any U.S.-led war on Iraq, which French President Jacques Chirac called ""the worst solution.""

Iraq Pledges More Cooperation

  • 21 January 03
  • Reuters
Iraq promised UN weapons experts more help on Monday, saying it was even forming its own teams of inspectors to search for banned weapons.

Inspectors Vowing to Get Tough

  • 20 January 03
  • Reuters
Chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix flew to Baghdad on Sunday to demand that Iraq stop dragging its feet and volunteer evidence on its weapons programs to avert the threat of war.