Articles by Andrei Zolotov Jr.

Putin Discusses China and Energy at Dinner

  • 11 September 06
  • Russia Profile
Over a dinner in his suburban residence, President Vladimir Putin reveled in Russia's new friendship with China, described himself as a ""citizen"" rather than a politician, and reiterated his intention to leave office in 2008.

No End to the Schism?

There was optimism in the Russian Orthodox Church that a new Roman Catholic pontiff would bring a warming in relations between the two churches, but, although the message from Rome might be clearer than in the past, it still holds little hope for a swift rapprochement.

Keeping the Faith

Russia's Old Believers celebrate a key anniversary Ц and move toward greater openness with mainstream society.

Keeping the Faith

Russia's Old Believers celebrate a key anniversary Ц and move toward greater openness with mainstream society.

The Separation of Church and Art

I am glad I did not have to cover the Sakharov Museum exhibit case as a reporter -- it would have been very hard for me to be impartial. But as an Orthodox Christian and a concerned Russian citizen, I followed the debate thoroughly. At stake for me were not just my personal feelings as a believer, not just another clash between traditionalist and modernist worldviews, but also the prospects of building civil society in my country.

High Passions

Normally critical of the Catholic artistic tradition, Orthodox Christians have found much to admire in Mel Gibson's controversial new film.

High Passions

Normally critical of the Catholic artistic tradition, Orthodox Christians have found much to admire in Mel Gibson's controversial new film.

Oldest Orthodox Bishop Dead at 89

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, the Russian Orthodox Church's oldest and most respected bishop, died Monday in London after leading the church in Britain for more than 50 years. He was 89.

Briton Building Dairy Farms and a Future

John Kopiski, a British entrepreneur who found a new home in Russia, is trying to change Krutovo's fate.

'Death to Spies' and Thousands of Others

On the surface of it, an exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the once feared SMERSH tells more than the public has ever been officially told about the military counterintelligence agency Josef Stalin created during World War II.

Deputy Wants to Protect the Faithful

An independent State Duma deputy has drawn up a bill that toughens penalties for religious hate crimes to up to five years in prison.

A State Sports Channel Goes on the Air in June

A new national sports television channel backed by the federal and Moscow city governments will go on the air June 12, officials said Wednesday.

A Power Struggle in the Patriarchate

The worsening of Patriarch Alexy II's health has intensified an Orthodox Church power struggle.

Colonel Boris Jordan's Flag Comes Home

An imperial military flag that financier Boris Jordan's grandfather helped take on a trek across Europe and then to the United States may be presented by George W. Bush to Vladimir Putin during their June 1 summit.

A Cabinet Based on the Duma

A proposal to base the next Cabinet on the parliamentary majority was the speech's political highlight.

Alfa Bank Moves Into Prime Time Crime

Alfa Bank on Wednesday announced the purchase of the bulk of exiled media mogul Vladimir Gusinsky's library of television shows.

Ivanov Plays Down Differences on Iraq

Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said Monday that differences between Russia and the United States over Iraq were tactical, not strategic, and it was possible to repair frayed ties.

The Race Is on for Ombudsman Post

The incumbent ombudsman, Oleg Mironov, is neck-to-neck with Pavel Krasheninnikov for election.

SPS Picks Kokh as Election Chief

Alfred Kokh, a longtime associate of SPS co-founder Anatoly Chubais, will spearhead the party's campaign.

Liberal Islamic Voice Speaks Out Loud

The group is seeking to reform Shariah--Islamic law--in order to reconcile Islam with the pluralist democracy Russia is becoming.

The Waiting Game for Putin's Address

It is becoming a spring tradition in Moscow's political circles to watch for the date of President Vladimir Putin's state of the nation address and interpret any delay, or suspected delay, as a sign of confusion or infighting within the Kremlin.

Easter at a 'Monastery for Laymen'

The history of St. Alexei Hermitage, a Russian Orthodox community in the Yaroslavl region, is one of suffering, death and promise of salvation through resurrection.

Church Lobby Bids for Free Land Use

When the new Land Code goes into effect on Jan. 1, churches, like all other private organizations, will either have to buy their land or pay rent on it.

TVS Steels for Another Management Shake-Up

Another management reshuffle appears to be looming for beleaguered TVS television, and advertising giant Video International might be asked to run the channel.

7TV Thinks It Has a Sporting Chance

Backed by a low-profile businessman from Chelyabinsk and run by a retired police general, the two-year-old 7TV sports channel is slowly grabbing the attention of fans.

Annan Cancels His Visit to St. Pete

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's spontaneous trip to St. Petersburg this weekend was called off only hours after it was announced.

Rice Reassures Putin Over U.S.-Russian Ties

President Bush's national security adviser asserted Monday that the U.S. is still committed to continued partnership with Russia despite serious disagreements over Iraq.

Iraq War Haunts London Forum

Along with hundreds of Russian and Western businessmen and a handful or two of politicians, there was a ghostly participant in the Russian Economic Forum -- the war in Iraq.

Diplomats' Convoy Comes Under Fire

A convoy carrying Russia's ambassador to Iraq and about two dozen Russian diplomats and journalists came under heavy fire Sunday while evacuating from Baghdad. Five diplomats were wounded, but none of their lives was said to be in danger.

Communist Finds Spot at Capitalist Gathering

The shining dome of ""simple worker"" State Duma Deputy Vasily Shandybin's shaven skull rising above the expensive haircuts and less impressive bald heads of the Russian business elite and their Western partners was one of enduring images of this year's Russian Economic Forum.