Articles by Andrei Illarionov

Fighting Financial Fires With Blini

From its peak on May 19 to its lowest point on Sept. 17, the Russian stock market has fallen by almost 58 percent. This is its largest decline since the crash of 1998.

Freedom Is a Wonderful Thing

When Milton Friedman died one year ago on Nov. 16, the world was inundated with remembrances and reflections of the most influential economist of the last century.

In the End, Yeltsin Went the Way of Freedom

Boris Yeltsin lived and died a free man.

The Death of the Democratic Club

The Rambouillet Declaration of 1975 defines what would become the Group of Eight as the club of the largest, industrially developed, democratic countries of the world. This definition is reasserted in the traditional communiques produced at each of the annual summits. The organization's 30-plus years of existence have confirmed the criteria required for membership: a democratic political regime; a large economy; a high level of economic and institutional development; a convertible national currency; membership in the WTO, OECD and IEA; and dedication to the goals and principles of international cooperation.

Kyoto Will Rival Gosplan

Next year the Kyoto Protocol will be an international treaty. For those who heavily lobbied Russia to ratify it, this is cause for celebration. But for most of the world, it is bad news.

Cut Out for an Economic Miracle

To achieve sustained growth of 8 percent per annum Russia must cut spending to 20 percent of GDP.

Help in a Decade of Great Change

I wish the whole team of the The Moscow Times resoluteness, principle and future creative success.

Economic Policy vs. Oil Prices

Russia's economic growth depends primarily on the economic policies pursued and not on oil prices.

The Associated PressShould Russia Get a Divorce From the IMF?

The Value of the Ruble