Articles by Andras Haragovitch

B2B: Perspectives on Local Ski Resort Development

  • 17 November 14
  • Dentons
Investors with enough equity can find excellent opportunities at discount prices and Russia's ski resort segment has great potential.

B2B: That's a No-No: Common Mistakes by Hotel Owners

It is not enough to own a beautiful property in a prime location in order to ensure that your hotel business thrives: day-to-day operation is the key to success. For owners that wish to delegate this task to a hotel management company, there are a few pitfalls to avoid when dealing with the professional hotel operator.

B2B: Perspectives on Hotel Franchising in Russia

  • 13 May 13
  • Dentons
The owner of a property who decides to operate it as a hotel has to make a fundamental business decision early on that can either make or break his burgeoning business: operate under a well-known brand or run the venue as an independently managed property.

No Cash for Clunkers?

  • 19 March 13
  • Salans
Despite visitors' first impressions of Moscow and its expensive cars, the reality is that other roads in Russia are littered by clunkers.

The Hotel Operator's Fiduciary Duty to the Owner

Hotel management agreements, or HMAs, are peculiar beasts in the legal ecosystem. To put it simply, the owner requests that the hotel operator manage a multi-million dollar asset in the best interests of both parties.

Sleepless in Russia: The Challenges of Hotel Automation

  • 29 May 12
  • Salans
Approximately a year ago, pedestrians walking by the Yotel Times Square hotel in New York could marvel through a large glass window at Yobot, the world's first robotic hotel luggage handler that stores your luggage for you, without the awkward "Should I be tipping the bellboy?" moment.

Airport Hotels in Russia

  • 14 June 11
  • Salans

In the collective psyche of travelers, staying overnight at an airport hotel has long been perceived as an annoyance. Except for flight-crew members, for whom it is routine, the experience historically has been dictated by flight cancellations, delays, inconvenient transfers and other nuisances that travelers would much rather avoid.