Articles by Anatoly Medetsky

U.S. Threatens Sanctions Against Politically Connected Tycoons

The White House has thrown some light on who may be next in line to feel U.S. wrath over Crimea's breakaway from Ukraine: businesspeople close to the Russian government.

Sochi Calls Up Army of Buses for Olympic Fans

For the last Winter Games, in Vancouver, the city's transit agency acquired 180 buses. At the current Games in Sochi, that number is up fivefold.

Davos to Raise Awkward Questions

Russian delegates at this week's World Economic Forum in Davos could have to field uneasy questions about the country's economic slowdown at a time when Western economies are regaining their confidence.

Bentley Learning to Read the Barometer of Russian Luxury Tastes

Asked about his favorite movie, Guenter Behringer, who is in charge of sales at Bentley motors in Russia, named "Casino," a Hollywood motion picture set in Las Vegas, with its glitter and glamour and where the rich toss money to the wind.

Sechin Reaffirms $26Bln Role in Venezuela

Rosneft chief Igor Sechin said Wednesday that Russian investment in Venezuela remained safe even as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is battling cancer.

Cabinet Won't Reinstate Officials at Company Boards

The Cabinet rejected a proposal to reinstate government officials on the boards of state-controlled companies.

Inter RAO Fires Opposition Leader

State-owned power giant Inter RAO fired a midlevel executive who helped lead an opposition party outside of office hours.

Putin Kicks Off South Stream Construction

President Vladimir Putin on Friday kicked off construction for the route to deliver Russian gas to Europe.

International Energy Agency Attention on the Increase

Maria van der Hoeven is raising the International Energy Agency's relations with Russia to a new level, showing what looks like more personal attention to the major energy producer.