Articles by Anatoly Medetsky

Anatoly Medetsky is a business reporter at The Moscow Times. He joined the paper in 2003 and started out writing for the news desk about human rights and politics in Russia and former Soviet republics. One memorable moment from Anatoly's time at the paper was watching — from the top of a police truck engulfed by protesters in Ukraine — a nighttime standoff between the crowd and special forces guarding the presidential office in Kiev during the Orange Revolution.

Q&A: Head of Boehringer Ingelheim Says Kiev Stint Prepared Him For Russia

The Carpathian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean have excited admiration for nature in Ivan Blanarik.

Arctic Oil Rig Raided by Greenpeace Ships First Oil

Gazprom on Friday shipped the first oil from the country's only offshore Arctic field in operation to Europe, marking the latest step in the development of the environmentally fragile and ice-cold site.

Putin Frets About U.S. Meddling In Gas Trade

President Vladimir Putin has upbraided the U.S. for speaking out about Russia's gas trade with Ukraine and the rest of Europe.

State-Owned Giants Team Up to Set Up Drugmaker

A plant to produce vaccines is opening next week thanks to support from the state-owned giants of the domestic economy: the development bank VEB and defense conglomerate Rostec.

Yakunin Seethes Over Russian Railway Losses

Russian Railways' monopoly has suffered a loss in the first quarter because of the government's decision to freeze freight rates, company chief Vladimir Yakunin said Wednesday.

First Russian Coal Heads to North Korean Port

Russian Railways has put to use the North Korean port it helped to upgrade recently.

Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov Ditches Yo-Mobile Hybrid Car Idea

Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has pulled out of a plan to build a hybrid car, whose test model he showed off to President Vladimir Putin, as the weakening of the ruble has pushed up costs.

Coal Companies Pivot East in Struggle Against Cheap U.S. Exports

The nation's coal mining companies suffered major losses last year as cheap U.S coal exports drove down prices.

Rosneft Chief Trots the Globe Amid Sanctions

State-controlled oil giant Rosneft has launched a charm offensive amid the government's standoff with the West.

Minister Hatches Plan to Protect Economy

Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev has admitted that private investment in the country has stalled in the wake of Russia's absorption of Crimea, but offered ways to make up for the shortfall.

Pfizer Touts Local Partnership

Pfizer’s collaboration with a local pharmaceutical company could help it win a lucrative government contract.

Kremlin Unfazed by Loss of G8 Membership

Russian authorities on Tuesday appeared unmoved by the announcement that leading industrial nations put Russia's membership in the Group of Eight on hold.

Cabinet Outlines Costs of Crimea

The costly consequences of expanding Russia's territory became clearer Monday when Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev revealed a Crimea to-do list for the government and its corporations.

U.S. Sanctions Spread Through Billionaires' Business Empires

The latest U.S. sanctions against Russia have even hurt companies that Washington did not formally blacklist. Although the sanctions officially target only Bank Rossia, a number of other banks also saw disruptions to their services by international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

Putin Putting the Screws to Offshores

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday demanded that Russian business leaders register their companies onshore, rather than in foreign tax havens.

Putin, Showing Resolve, Signs Crimean Treaty

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday signed a treaty to add Ukraine's breakaway region of Crimea to Russia, expanding the country for the first time since the Soviet collapse, despite the threat of Western reprisal.

Fourth Moscow Airport Taking Shape

A new airport backed by powerful state corporation Rostec is set to emerge near Moscow to relieve existing giants like Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo.

Pipe Baron Komarov Arrested for Bribery

Police and security officers have detained one of the country's wealthiest people, Andrei Komarov, the majority owner of ChelPipe, on suspicion of attempting to bribe a federal auditor.

Western Aid to Ukraine Could Wind Up in Russian Coffers

The $40 billion discount on Russian gas purchases the Yanukovych government agreed with Moscow is likely to vaporize if Crimea secedes from Ukraine, leaving Kiev with the urgent need to pay its bill using internationally provided funds or face an industrial collapse.

Who Does Putin Want as Ukrainian President?

In May, Ukraine will elect a president, whose history with Russia and perception by the Kremlin could advance or delay the cooling of relations with Kiev.

Investors Unfazed by Ukraine Conflict

The country's ongoing standoff with the West over Ukraine appeared to raise few jitters among the attendants of a Tuesday meeting where the government attempted to attract more foreign investment to a special economic zone.

Ukraine Crisis Nets Billions of Dollars for Kremlin

A cheaper ruble and more expensive oil could actually go a long way in improving Russia's economy, possibly offsetting other potential aftershocks of the Ukraine crisis.

Politics or Revenge? Billionaire Gleb Fetisov is Arrested

A Moscow court has arrested billionaire political leader Gleb Fetisov, weeks after he ramped up his political ambitions by partnering up with prominent opposition figures and launching a new political party.

Q&A: Farming Pioneer Babayev Milks at 520 Cows Per Hour

Naum Babayev remembers when canned meat was more sought after than money. During the financial convulsion of 1998, Babayev realized that food was a good thing to have in a crisis. The meat was real, while money was a cruel joke.

Sochi Real Estate Boom Unlikely After Olympics

As the glow and attention of the Olympic Games begins to fade, will the revamped Black Sea resort be able to find buyers for its apartments?

Putin Takes Break From Olympics to Press Ministers Over Economy

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday held another meeting with Cabinet ministers to discuss the faltering economy, the latest ritual that might further diminish Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's stature.

Winners and Losers in Russia's Shrinking Car Market (Video)

Renault Russia sales chief Sergei Kuteishchikov had to shave his head last month, having lost what seemed a sure bet. He gambled that in 2013's declining market, his dealers would beat the previous year's sales results, but not by much.

Q&A: Horses, History Bind AmCham Chief to Russia (Video)

A descendant of tsarist Russia's highest elected official, U.S.-born banker Alexis Rodzianko began speaking Russian before English. His mastery of Russian and curiosity about the family's former homeland eventually brought him to Moscow, where he built a stellar career over the following 18 years.

Some Government Agencies Could Move East

The Cabinet is mulling further tax breaks for the Far East and moving some government agencies to the remote region in another bid to inject more vigor in the economically lagging area.

Chubais Unveils New-Look Rusnano

Anatoly Chubais, known in the West as the driver of post-Soviet privatization, is counting on his reputation and corporate savvy to attract external investors to Rusnano — the state-owned technology company he has run since its inception in 2007.