Articles by Anastasia Golitsyna

Court Won't Pursue Vkontakte in Copyright Infringement Case

The Supreme Arbitration Court has decided to leave in force the decision of an appeals court that the popular social networking web site Vkontakte is not responsible for the actions of its users.

Yevroset Planning for IPO Next Year

Yevroset co-owner Alexander Mamut is preparing the country's largest phone retailer for a London initial public offering next year, allowing him to make a profit on the company he bought during the crisis for $200 million to $300 million.

iPad Sales to Start in November

Sales of Apple's iPad will officially begin in Russia after the November holidays, and although mobile operators will not be selling the popular tablets independently, they are already planning special Internet rates.

Citizenship Hurdle for Svyazinvest Candidate

Vadim Semyonov, the Communications and Press Ministry's nominee for CEO of Svyazinvest, has dual citizenship, and that could complicate a job that requires Russian security clearance.

Google Tracks Traffic In Moscow, St. Pete

The Russian version of Google has launched a test version of its new service allowing drivers to monitor traffic conditions in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Mysterious Investor Buys

Andrei Rutberg, a little-known private investor, has purchased the portal, the Internet's largest source of compromising information and allegations about Russian politicians and businessmen.

Reiman Confirms New Search Project

Kremlin adviser Leonid Reiman has given the first official confirmation that the state could be interested in the creation of a new Internet search engine, although the project is being developed by private companies and so far without public funding.

Conflicting Drafts For Internet Freedom Law

The Communications and Press Ministry is taking a much tougher stance on Internet freedom than the State Duma, judging from new legislative proposals.

Like Yandex, Only Bigger

The state has not yet allocated funds to create a new Internet search engine, but people are already lining up to get their hands on the possible startup budget of $100 million.

Yandex Launches Search for Startups

Yandex Уis looking for teams that are developing new technologies, applications and services,Ф Ilya Segalovich, one of the company's founders, told Vedomosti.

Yandex Launches Foreign-Language Search Engine

Yandex has opened the alpha version of a search engine for foreign web sites at, seeking to raise its profile in the international web search market.

State Talks Tough on Web Piracy

Authorities are planning to punish Internet providers for the transfer of illegal content that is downloaded and distributed by their customers, Vedomosti has learned.

Sberbank Acquires Priority Share in Yandex

The so-called Уgolden shareФ will give the lender veto power on the sale of more than 25 percent of the companyТs stock, a right granted in return for Yandex being taken off the state's list of strategic enterprises.

Yandex Sells 'Golden Share' to Sberbank

Yandex held a tender for the share among several state companies, and Sberbank won because it is "state-run, public and doesn't have direct interest in the Internet and media."

Customs Tightens Grip on Phones

The Federal Customs Service has stiffened the rules for importing cell phones, requiring that each handset be inspected individually and leaving stranded hundreds of thousands of units in Moscow warehouses.