Articles by Alyona Chechel

Transportation Tax May Be Tied to Emissions

The Industry and Trade Ministry wants to stimulate new car purchases by raising the transportation tax for vehicles that don't meet Euro 4 emissions standards Ч in some cases even doubling the rate, Vedomosti has learned.

10-Year Plan to Develop Siberia Is Published

The government is planning to transform Siberia from a raw-materials backwater into a comfortable place to live and do business through the development of high-tech industries, science and tourism, but officials have yet to put a price tag on the project.

Campaign Planned to Boost MoscowТs Brand

The Economic Development Ministry has proposed a large-scale ad campaign to help turn Moscow into an international financial center, with a plan that includes work with Russian nationals abroad and more emphasis on "success stories."

Transport Tax to Stay, Fuel Excises to Rise

During a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Sunday, it was decided that excise taxes on gasoline will rise by 1 ruble per year in 2011, 2012 and 2013, a source in the government administration and an official familiar with the results of the meeting told Vedomosti.

Putin Offers Mild Punishment for Kremlin Offenders

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has issued reprimands to six deputy ministers for not fulfilling presidential orders in a timely fashion, a Kremlin spokeswoman said.  The deputy ministers included ones in finance, energy and sports.

Customs Union Keeps Foreign Cars Expensive

Higher duties on imported cars that were set to expire Monday will now be in place until at least 2012, part of Russia's customs union with Belarus and Kazakhstan. That leaves drivers to pay a big premium for foreign cars.

Finance Ministry Cancels Gilded Furniture Order

The Finance Ministry has canceled a tender to supply a gilded negotiating table and chairs after Vedomosti called to ask why it planned to spend up to 2.5 million rubles ($80,000) on the flashy furniture.

Duma Gets Bill Limiting Cross Holding Ownership

State Duma deputies have introduced a bill that would fight circular ownership structures in corporations, although experts said the proposals went too far.

Customs Union in Final Stretch

The presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will sign a package of documents creating the customs union in Minsk on Nov. 27, including unified customs rules and one duty for products that fall under restrictions on import and export.

Metro Chief Bemoans Federal Budget Cut

The federal budget is set to pay the region for the development of airports, rail and river transportation, but some of MoscowТs network of roads and all of the metro were left without financing.

2010 Budget Won't Cover Metro Financing

The federal budget is set to pay the region for the development of airports, rail and river transportation, but some of Moscow's network of roads and all of the metro were left without financing.

Mevedev Eliminates Economic Zones Agency

President Dmitry Medvedev signed an order Monday eliminating the body, which was created at the initiative of German Gref during his tenure as economic development minister from 2000 to 2007.

AvtoVAZ Asks State for More Support

As a result of existing debt, the company is now preparing for mass layoffs; it sent a declaration to the Health and Social Development Ministry announcing that it would lay off 36,000 people by the end of December.

Khristenko Plots СShadowТ War

Plans are in the works to close dozens of markets like Cherkizovsky in order to prop up light industry.

Used Cars Checked for Pests at Border

An agriculture watchdog is looking in tires for moths, worms and beetles.

Customs Tightens Grip on Phones

The Federal Customs Service has stiffened the rules for importing cell phones, requiring that each handset be inspected individually and leaving stranded hundreds of thousands of units in Moscow warehouses.