Articles by Alister Doyle

No Cold War, But Armies Stirring in Arctic

  • 23 June 09
  • Reuters
Arctic nations are promising to avoid new ""Cold War"" scrambles linked to climate change, but military activity is stirring in a polar region where a thaw may allow oil and gas exploration or new shipping routes.

Researchers Find Fossil of Monster

  • 29 February 08
  • Reuters
The fossil of a 15-meter-long ""sea monster"" found in Arctic Norway was the biggest of its kind known to science, with daggerlike teeth in a mouth large enough to bite a small car, researchers said Wednesday.

Wealth Divides 2 Arctic Mining Towns

  • 30 May 07
  • Reuters
Working down a coal mine on an Arctic island does not sound like a dream job for anyone, let alone a 21-year-old woman.

Arctic Pollution Haze Thickening

  • 27 October 06
  • Reuters
Haze polluting the Arctic has thickened in the past decade despite lower emissions by Russian factories, perhaps because of more forest fires or pollution from Asia, an international report said Thursday.

Air Conditioning at The Top of the World

  • 08 August 06
  • Reuters
Global warming is forcing the peoples of the Arctic and the tropics alike to adapt to an unpredictable climate.

Norway PM: I Feed Salmon to My Kids

  • 30 March 06
  • Reuters
Saying he often fed salmon to his children, Norway's prime minister expressed hopes Wednesday that Russia would resume imports of fresh Norwegian fish, which Moscow banned due to worries about toxic metals.

Climate Deal Hits Russian Roadblock

  • 12 December 05
  • Reuters
Russia blocked agreement at a UN climate meeting on Saturday by objecting to details of a proposal to extend the Kyoto Protocol on global warming beyond 2012.

Lavrov Sees Norway in Close Partnership

  • 11 November 05
  • Reuters
Russia predicted closer cooperation with neighboring Norway on developing oil and gas resources in the Arctic on Thursday and played down disputes over fisheries and a maritime boundary.

Annan Calls On Russia To Sign Kyoto Protocol

  • 11 December 03
  • Reuters
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged Russia on Wednesday to salvage the Kyoto Protocol, calling the plan a first step in a decades-long push to combat global warming.

Iranian Woman Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

  • 13 October 03
  • Reuters
Iranian human rights lawyer Shirin Ebadi has become the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in an award intended to foster wider democracy in the Islamic world.

Kyoto Ratification Hope Slim on Conference Eve

  • 29 September 03
  • Reuters
There were scant signs Russia would save the Kyoto protocol ahead of a climate conference in Moscow.

Sweden Votes to Retain Krona

  • 16 September 03
  • Reuters
Sweden decisively rejected the European Union's single currency, defying expectations of a late surge of sympathy votes for the pro-euro government after the murder of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh.

Norway's Oil Savings At $100Bln

  • 28 May 03
  • Reuters
A gargantuan fund saving Norway's oil wealth has topped $100 billion for the first time, giving enough cash to buy every Norwegian a new car or 6,000 pizzas, central bank figures showed Tuesday.

Russian 'Red Army' of Monster Crabs Heads West

  • 04 February 03
  • Reuters
A spiny ""Red Army"" of monster crabs is on the march west from the Russian Arctic and might end up menacing vacationers on beaches all the way to Portugal.

Unsafe Alcohol Kills 4 in Abstemious Norway

  • 25 September 02
  • Reuters
Toxic moonshine has killed four Norwegians this month, shocking a health-conscious nation and showing how sky-high prices for alcohol have lured unscrupulous smugglers.

WTO: Russia Could Join in a Year

  • 09 January 02
  • Reuters
Russia could sit at the table as a full member of the WTO by the next ministerial conference in mid-2003.

Firm Sees Profit in Water Bags

  • 27 November 01
  • Reuters
Camels evolved humps, the Romans built aqueducts, but a Norwegian company believes the future of transporting water lies in mammoth ocean-going bags.

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