Articles by Ali Sar

Kung Fu Panda Leaps Over Russia to China

Forget about Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Puss in Boots. They aren't coming to Russia.

Russia's Pussy Rioter Alyokhina Talks Prisoners' Rights in Los Angeles

Pussy Riot band rocker Maria Alyokhina's Los Angeles appearance last week not only drew an enthusiastic audience of 1,500 admirers but also gave her an opportunity to sell boxes of embroidered T-shirts at $30 each to benefit the cause of political prisoners.

Will 'Sunstroke' Make the Oscar List?

Nikita Mikhalkov's film "Sunstroke" will be the director's sixth submission to the Oscar competition and will give the renowned Russian moviemaker a chance to capture his second Academy Award.

Cartoonist Tartakovsky: From Moscow to Hotel Transylvania

There is a child in every animator. Gennady Tartakovsky is no exception. The challenge is how to make the best use of this talent.

Film 'I Am Michael' Will Test Limits of Tolerance

The addition of a gay-themed drama to an American co-sponsored film festival's slate in Russia is creating a buzz in the motion picture community here.

A Russian-Ukrainian Joint Battle for Sevastopol

Banking on favorable word of mouth, the producers of the film "Battle for Sevastopol" are hoping for a break-out international hit.

Russia's 'Leviathan' Misses Out On Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

“Ida,” Poland’s entry in the 87th annual Academy Awards race, proved to be a formidable opponent for its competitors as it captured the Oscar in the best foreign language film category Sunday night.

'Leviathan' Is Close Favorite as Oscars Draw Near

Prognosticators are at work as the guessing game heats up in the Oscar race, especially when it comes to the best foreign-language film category with Russia's "Leviathan" and Poland's "Ida" occupying center stage.

Russian Film 'Leviathan' Gets Oscar Nomination for Best Foreign Film

The dark Russian movie "Leviathan" came a step closer to capturing the best foreign-language film Oscar when it was nominated Thursday by the Motion Picture Academy as one of the five finalists.

Russian Film 'Leviathan' Takes Golden Globe, Chance for Oscar

Andrei Zvyagintsev's УLeviathan,Ф a dark and brooding film that depicts Russia as a corrupt and cruel society, took the Golden Globe for best foreign-language film late Sunday, making it one of the favorites to win the Academy Award in the same category next month.

Blockbuster 'FuryТ Star Jon Bernthal Learned to Act in Moscow

One of the actors in Brad Pitt's latest blockbuster "Fury" attributes his acting success to his theatrical training in Russia.

The Romanovs' 15 Minutes of Fame

For French director and film student Geoffroy Faugerolas, 15 minutes is all that is needed to retell the Romanovs' final day.

'Stalingrad' Falls Flat in U.S.

Despite high expectations, the Russian war epic "Stalingrad" barely grossed more than $1 million at its limited premiere screenings in the U.S.

Pussy Riot Lands in U.S. for Film Premiere

An image of young women clad in colorful outfits peeping through ski masks while being detained and clobbered by the police has been a part of evening newscasts in the U.S. for some time, most recently during the Sochi Olympics.

'Stalingrad' Lands in U.S., Hoping for Profits

As the buzz surrounding the motion picture "Stalingrad" continues, Sony Entertainment is hoping that it will pick up more steam as its U.S. release date of Feb. 28 approaches.