Articles by Alexandra Kreknina

Top Players Not Winners in Station Bid

None of the leading players were among the winners of the Russian Railways tender for retail trading and food provision for train stations across the country.

Bureaucracy Hinders Competitiveness

Food could cost 15 percent less, communications could go down by 10 percent, and real estate could be 25 to 30 percent cheaper. The problem is bureaucracy and legalized corruption, government experts say.

Medvedev Awards Founder of IKEA

President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree to award the Order of Friendship to Ingvar Kamprad, founder of the Swedish furniture chain IKEA, "for a great contribution to the development of Russian-Swedish trade, economic and investment relations."

Consumer Confidence Still Very Low

Optimism among consumers of seven developing countries is second to last in Russia, according to the Credit Suisse Research Institute, with only the rich expecting income growth.

Enka to Keep Retail Business Ц For Now

Turkish developer Enka has reconsidered its plan to quit the retail business in Russia and is once again developing the CityStore chain so that it can get a better price for the business in the future.

Kiosks Reopen After Crackdown

Following an enthusiastic campaign to rid the city's streets of vendors, Moscow officials are blushing after it was discovered that no formal order to remove the kiosks was ever issued.

Shoe Retailers Losing Interest in Men

Shoe retailers in Russia including Ekonika and Ralf Ringer are focusing on women because male clients are buying less than half as much footwear as their female counterparts Ч and at lower prices.

O'Key Owners Buy Land Before IPO

On the eve of its initial public offering, the retail chain O'Key has agreed to sell to shareholders real estate and plots of land for about 3 billion rubles ($97 million), although the assets' value on the company's balance sheet is 5.66 billion rubles.