Articles by Alexander Osipovich

Glitzy New York Dinner Backs St. Pete's Hermitage

Both the Georgian wine and the charitable donations flowed freely at a recent fundraiser aimed at supporting the State Hermitage Museum and bringing the venerable St. Petersburg institution into the 21st century.

Solzhenitsyn, Chronicler of Soviet Labor Camps, Dies at 89

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel Prize-winning author who shook the foundations of Soviet rule with his monumental work "The Gulag Archipelago," has died at age 89, his son said Monday.

Dwindling Seto Numbers Feel Estonia's Pull

Helju Majak is among the last of her people to remain in Russia. Even her two younger sisters now live across the Estonian border, just a few kilometers away.

Not All Regions Created Equal

It was once the pride of Soviet telephone technology, producing the bulky phones that graced the desks of countless factory directors and Party officials.

Pskov Resort No Holiday for German Investor

Heiner Berr was inspired to start a resort on Chudskoye Lake, a sprawling body of water in northwest Russia, when a local official showed him the site and promised to support the project.

Russians Buy Furs, Homes In Dubai

It was simmering outside in the fierce Arabian sun, but in the air-conditioned premises of the Marco Varni fur store on Al Nasser Square, about a dozen Russian tourists were trying on fur coats.

Barring 'Miracle,' eXile Is 'Dead'

The eXile, Moscow’s notorious English-language alternative biweekly, is shutting down after its investors became frightened by a government inspection and withdrew their funding, the newspaper’s editors said.

After 11 Years, eXile Closes Amid Financial Worries and Government Probe

The eXile, Moscow's notorious English-language alternative biweekly, is shutting down after its investors became frightened by a government inspection and withdrew their funding, the newspaper's editors said Wednesday.

Investors Back Call For Eased State Role

Foreign investors reacted with cautious optimism on Monday after top officials called for loosening the state’s grip on the economy at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum over the weekend.

Limonov's Columns Get eXile in Trouble

Federal officials visited the offices of The eXile on Thursday and asked about the newspaper's relationship with Eduard Limonov, a Kremlin critic who writes a column for the notorious English-language tabloid.

Investigators Target eXile For Possible Violations

Federal authorities are scrutinizing the English-language tabloid The eXile to determine whether it has violated media laws, a step that could lead to the shutdown of the notorious biweekly.

No More Work Permits For Foreigners for Now

The Moscow branch of the Federal Migration Service abruptly stopped accepting new applications for foreign work permits last week, creating a new headache for companies planning to hire foreign employees.

Spy Charges Fuel Georgian Tensions

  • 19 May 08
  • Staff Writers
The Federal Security Service said Friday that its agents had caught a Georgian spy and accused Tbilisi of aiding rebels in the North Caucasus in an episode likely to heighten tensions between the countries.

President Medvedev Stresses the Law

In his first speech as head of state, newly inaugurated President Dmitry Medvedev vowed Wednesday to strengthen the rule of law and to bring as many Russians as possible into the middle class.

$40M Earmarked for Post-Tank Road Work

City Hall has earmarked more than $40 million for road repairs in the wake of FridayТs Victory Day parade, which will feature tanks and missiles for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Flying Cameras and a Prayer for Medvedev

  • 05 May 08
  • Staff Writers
The final act in Russia's highly choreographed transition of power is set to begin Wednesday at noon.

Report Sees Less Media Freedom

Media freedom in Russia ""saw continued and substantial declines"" in 2007, the U.S.-based democracy watchdog Freedom House said in a report to be released Tuesday.

Prokhorov Plans Network for Snobs

If you donТt like mingling with the rabble on Facebook or Odnoklassniki, billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov feels your pain.

Building Russian Cafe Culture

Dmitry Borisov has opened a series of restaurants that appeal to ""normal people.""

Rogozin Stays on Message in Brussels

He was once a firebrand nationalist politician who led rallies against illegal immigration, met indicted Serbian war criminals and ran a campaign ad that seemed to compare dark-skinned southerners to garbage.

Value-Added Guess Wins Pollster Award

The Central Elections Committee handed out awards Wednesday to the polling agencies that made the most accurate forecasts of the March presidential election. But one victorious pollster said the science of political forecasting in Russia involves guessing the degree of manipulation by authorities.

Russian Boxers Aim for a Knockout in Dubai

When Abdulmalik Gadzhiyev competed in a martial arts tournament in Turkey last year, he fought under the flag of the United Arab Emirates, and his travel expenses were covered by a member of Dubai’s ruling family.

Tenant Finds Body on Balcony

A Yekaterinburg man who clubbed his mother to death with a hammer, stashed her body on the balcony and then proceeded to rent out their apartment has been charged with murder after a horrified tenant discovered the corpse, prosecutors said Thursday.

April Fools' Pranks See White Kremlin, Joke Bill

  • 02 April 08
  • Staff Writers
Roman Abramovich will carry the Olympic torch through London, the Kremlin walls are being painted white and the State Duma is considering a bill that would outlaw jokes about politicians.

Conscripts Face Only a Year in Spring Call-Up

  • 01 April 08
  • Staff Writers
As the military kicks off its spring call-up campaign Wednesday, conscripts can look forward to just one year of compulsory service, a reduction from the two years that have been standard in Russia for most of the past four decades.

An Instant Remedy for a Deficit of Churches

In recent years, Russians have gotten used to a wide array of easy-to-make products, such as instant borshch, instant noodles and instant blini mix. Now, a group of Orthodox businessmen wants to add another item to the list: instant churches.

Artist Vanishes During a Berlin Walk

An artist who was put on trial for her role in a controversial exhibition titled ""Caution, Religion!"" has disappeared in Berlin, where she had been living since November, German police said.

Art in a Land of Money

Art Dubai is less provocative but better organized and more lavish than Russian art events.

Art in a Land of Money

Art Dubai is less provocative but better organized and more lavish than Russian art events.

Tourists Rank Moscow as Third-Rudest City

  • 14 March 08
  • Staff Writers
City Hall suggests that the survey is part of a foreign ploy to keep tourists away.