Articles by Aleh Tsyvinski

Rosneft Delivers a Blow to Market Economy

Private property and competition are necessary for productivity and investment. The Rosneft deal contradicts this postulate.

How the Middle Class Will Democratize Russia

Twenty years ago, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned, the Soviet Union ended and Russia began an imperfect transition to democratic capitalism Ч a transition that has proven to be far more difficult than expected. And yet the recent protests Ч somewhat similar to those that preceded the end of the Soviet Union Ч provide grounds for cautious optimism about the future.

The Purge of the Kremlin Chairmen

In recent days, President Dmitry Medvedev has moved against some of the most powerful men in the government. He recently signed a decree to strip Igor Sechin and others of their chairmanships of some of Russia's biggest state-owned companies. The stated purpose of the decree was to improve the country's investment climate, but the purge may reflect other, more important goals.

Prisoners of the Red Army

During Soviet times, Feb. 23 was called the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy and celebrated the creation of the Red Army. (The holiday received its current name in 2006.) Unfortunately, Feb. 23 is not the only remaining relic of the Red Army. Another Soviet military legacy is the system of obligatory conscription.

That Т70s Show in Russia

Can Russia escape the Уresource curseФ implied by high oil prices, or will it succumb to what we call a У70-80Ф scenario: Brezhnevian political climate, stagnating economy and high approval ratings for its political leaders?

Praying for High Oil Prices

While spending three days at the 13th annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, I was constantly thinking to myself, ""What is the main message of the forum and what can I take away from it?""

Rescuing Russia From Collapse

Russia's economy is collapsing, but the situation could be even worse. The global economic crisis has finally forced the government to adopt sensible policies, thereby staving off disaster -- at least for now

Moving Away From Distrust

The relationship between Russia and the West has been rocky in 2008 in terms of diplomatic relations and foreign investment.

Turning Russia Into a Global Citizen

  • 13 October 08
  • and Sergei Guriyev
The government is sitting on a giant pile of cash that it plans to invest in foreign assets

Catching Up Comes First

Russia is running into the same problems as 1950s Europe. State support should only be provded for a defined period.