Articles by Adam Tanner

9 Years for Ex-Ukrainian Premier

  • 28 August 06
  • Reuters
Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko was sentenced to nine years in prison and fined $10 million in a U.S. court on Friday after being convicted in 2004 of extortion and money laundering.

Exile Church Agrees to Accept Patriarch

  • 15 May 06
  • Reuters
The decision promises to end a bitter rift in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Despite Protest, California Executes Former Gangster

  • 14 December 05
  • Reuters
California prison officials executed Stanley Tookie Williams, 51, the former leader of the Crips gang who brutally killed four people in 1979, early on Tuesday after top courts and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rejected final appeals to spare his life.

U.S. Court Asked to Listen to Kuchma Rant

  • 20 May 04
  • Reuters
Lawyers for a former Ukrainian prime minister asked a U.S. court on Tuesday to listen to secret recordings of President Leonid Kuchma that include anti-Semitic cursing and rants against adversaries.

Gosplan Vet Counts On Google Son

  • 29 April 04
  • Reuters
One co-founder of Google may be on the verge of pulling in billions of dollars with the most anticipated public offering in years, but he continues to live modestly, his Russian emigre father says.

U.S. Trial Details Corruption in Kiev

  • 09 April 04
  • Reuters
Ukraine's former prime minister took millions of dollars and half ownership of a company in return for aiding that enterprise, a Ukrainian businessman testified in his U.S. money-laundering trial.

Publishers Race to Print Books on Conflict Areas

  • 14 October 02
  • Reuters
Publishers who hit the jackpot last year with volumes on Afghanistan are now scrambling to rush out books on Iraq amid growing speculation of a U.S.-led war.

Putin Recalls Spying Days on a German Talk Show

  • 11 April 02
  • Reuters
The usually reserved President Vladimir Putin talked about his days as a KGB spy in Dresden in the 1980s in an unusual talk show appearance late Tuesday when visiting the east German city of Weimar.

Putin, Schröder to Discuss Russia's Role in Europe

  • 05 April 02
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin will use a summit with German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder next week to stress Russia's needs as the European Union and NATO expand toward its borders, the Russian ambassador said Thursday.

Last Stand Looms in Kandahar

  • 04 December 01
  • Reuters
Afghan factions haggled in Bonn on Monday over who should sit in a new interim government as Afghanistan's former rulers threatened to mount a bloody last stand in besieged Kandahar.

'Friends' Watch as Afghans Talk

  • 28 November 01
  • Reuters
As a small group of Afghans started talks Tuesday at an isolated hilltop hotel to chart the future of their country, foreign diplomats lurked just outside the conference room to help prod the process forward.

Putin Tours Old Haunts Of KGB Days in Dresden

  • 28 September 01
  • Reuters
President Putin capped a successful visit to Germany on Thursday with a nostalgic return to Dresden.

Belarus Executioner: Lukashenko Knew

  • 29 August 01
  • Reuters
The former director of a Belarussian prison has accused President Lukashenko of sanctioning and covering up the murder of opposition figures.

The Man Who 'Built' the Wall

  • 09 August 01
  • Reuters
BERLIN — Hagen Koch remembers vividly his bitter hatred of Americans and fear that they would re-ignite war in Germany. That passion made him an enthusiastic participant in building the Berlin Wall 40 years ago on Aug. 13, 1961. ""I drew the dividing line at the Checkpoint Charlie border,"" said 61-year-old Koch, who worked for 30 years for the Stasi secret police and had experience in map-making. Koch's story of boyhood World War II trauma, his adult embrace of Communism and eventual disillusion serves as a parable of East German history, a society that embraced the Berlin Wall but eventually crumbled as the hard-line vanguard of the Soviet bloc. East German leader Walter Ulbricht proposed closing the border in the spring of 1961. In early August, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gave his vital approval, by which time 2.5 million East Germans had fled since 1949. Koch had joined the Stasi in 1960, seeing the brutal secret police organization as the embodiment of socialist virtue.

Stasi Files Shed Light on Putin's KGB Past

  • 27 February 01
  • Reuters
Hundreds of pages of unpublished documents on KGB-Stasi activities in the Dresden area give insight to the cloak-and-dagger world where Putin lived much of his adult life.

East German Files Sketch Putin's KGB Past

  • 26 February 01
  • Reuters
Russian President Vladimir Putin's shadowy former life as a KGB spy in East Germany came into slightly sharper focus Monday with the publication of fragmentary details of his career from the East German archives.

Ivanov Warns of Space Arms Race

  • 05 February 01
  • Reuters
Security Council Secretary Sergei Ivanov said Sunday that U.S. plans to deploy an anti-missile system would undermine world stability and lead to a new arms race in space.

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