Articles by Oliver Carroll

The Week Britain Pretended It Was Ukraine (Op-Ed)

If there is anything the last two years should have taught us, it is that the unthinkable can happen — separatism, disintegration, even wars — and that it can happen very quickly.

How Kiev and Moscow Agreed To Ignore Each Other

If there was any hope of a breakthrough in Russian-Ukrainian relations following the release of Nadiya Savchenko, it was dashed on the Ukrainian pilot's first day back at work.

Why Savchenko is Less Havel than Malcolm X

The receptions could not have been more different. In Kiev: crowds of well-wishers, multiple TV livestreaming, press conferences. In Moscow: out of public eye and under close surveillance.

'PutinТs Children' Ц Life, Crime, Terror on the Edge of Russia

The driver's voice teeters between depression and aggression. "What kinduva life do yoo call this?!" he shouts. "Weerrall peepul, for sheeettin sake! ... Fook, Ruussia, yoo make me want to cry!"

Munich Security Conference: Talking Peace, Russian Style

When Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took to the stage at the Munich security conference, he left no doubt as to who had sent him.