Articles by Houssam Alissa

Deciphering Moscow's Digital Dating Scene

I'm out to lunch with James when he notices the pretty girl sitting at the table next to us using Tinder. "She's going to see my profile!" he whispers to me anxiously.

A Moscow School That Turns Frogs into Princes

Shy young lads frightened of the fairer sex, brash businessmen with little free time for traditional courtship, married men in their 40s looking to snap up a few lovers on the sly Ч all manner of male disciples flock to RMES (Russian Model for Effective Seduction) training courses to have the inner secrets of the seduction arts revealed to them.

Uglich: A Weekend Time-Travel Getaway

You're tired of Moscow. You want to get away from it all for the weekend, but you've done St. Petersburg a dozen times. Enter Uglich, a charming and tranquil town located on the banks of the glorious Volga River Ч an ideal getaway from the concrete chaos of city life.

Forms in Pairs: Nothing Stays the Same

A fluorescent light filament on a stand. Beside it Ч an identical filament, shattered. A photo of an inkpot. Beside it Ч the same inkpot, now shattered, its black contents staining the white canvas. A vertical black line. Next to it Ч a diagonal streak of splattered paint.

Relatives of Russian Hockey Team Crash Get Fraction of Compensation Sought

Families of 11 Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team players killed in a 2011 plane crash are to be paid a fraction of what their attorneys had asked for in compensation, their defense lawyers said Monday.

Medvedev Promises No Blacklist for Foreign Journalists Working in Russia

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev condemned foreign countries who blacklist Russian journalists Thursday and said Russia has no intention of setting up its own blacklist, RIA Novosti reported, despite a series of recent incidents in which Western journalists have been prevented from working in Russia.

Constitutional Court: Expelling HIV-Positive Foreigners With Russian Families Is Unlawful

The deportation of HIV-positive foreign nationals who have families in Russia is unlawful, the Constitutional Court ruled on Monday.

Putin Honors Kadyrov After He Called Nemtsov Murder Suspect 'True Patriot'

President Vladimir Putin gave one of the country's highest awards to Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov on the same weekend that Kadyrov described a suspect in the murder of an opposition leader as a "true patriot."