Articles by Mark Adomanis

Russian State Assets for Sale: The Privatization Delusion (Op-Ed)

You know that Russia is in real trouble when liberal economic policies start getting batted around.

With Russia's Economy, Talk Is Cheap (Op-Ed)

Information about Russia's state finances, the health of its population, or the output of its economy is readily available to anyone who wants to find it.

Putin's Syria Campaign Is Far From a Triumph

Over the past two weeks any number of experts on military affairs, Russia, and the Middle East have appeared on television and written in print in the U.S. about "what Russia really wants."

Russia Should Heed Its Own Advice on Syria (Op-Ed)

All of the evidence suggests that military intervention in Syria will accomplish nothing, and all of the arguments about the likely failure of Western intervention apply equally well to Russia, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Russia Must Face Up to Economic Reality (Op-Ed)

Sergei Glazyev's economic policy suggestions would ruin Russia's economy if adopted, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Russians Are Facing a Stark Choice (Op-Ed)

Russia faces a stark choice between economic reality and imperial fantasy writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Stagnation Rearing Its Ugly Head in Russia (Op-Ed)

In Russia, 'stagnation' is easily identifiable in public health statistics and these have been steadily getting worse, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Russians Can Learn From Polish Dissatisfaction (Op-Ed)

Poland's election is a handy reminder that the public's outlook on the economy is usually very different from the business press, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

The U.S. Must Keep Talking to Russia

Though John Kerry's Sochi visit may have provided few concrete results, it is important that Russia and the U.S. keep the lines of communication open, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Ukraine Doesn't Need Sympathy, It Needs Cash

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's recent video address to a Ukrainian donor conference was a handy illustration of the huge disconnect between Western words and deeds.

Russia's Economy Pulls Back From the Brink

Nothing burst and everything is working." Thus spoke President Vladimir Putin during his annual call-in program last week.

U.S. Should Think Twice Before Criticizing Russia

The 'whataboutism' phenomenon is by no means exclusively Russian, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Crisis Is Killing Russia's Demographic Recovery

Through the first two months of the year, Russian demographic trends have taken a noticeable turn for the worse. In the January-February period, the latest period for which data is currently available, births were down by more than 4 percent while deaths were up by 2 percent.

U.S. Needs to Get Real, Sanctions Don't Work

In reality, sanctions have most seriously impacted private enterprise in Russia.

Moody's Russia Downgrade Is Not Political

Moody's recent downgrade of Russia has been interpreted by the Russian government as a political move, but it was a fair and reasonable decision, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Russia Is Exploiting European Weakness

As long as Europe is racked by economic chaos, Russia will continue to build relationships with fringe political parties which may eventually come to power, like Greece's Syriza, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Russian Officials Are Dangerously Out of Touch

A regional official's suggestion that Russians "eat less" could be a political turning point in Russia, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Russia's Foreign Policy Is Full of Contradictions

Russia's attempts to form an alliance with the West to fight Islamic extremism is completely at odds with its current foreign policy, writes Mark Adomanis.

Russia Doesn't Need Luck, Just Better Policy

Russia's problems exist primarily because it began to implement different Ч and much worse Ч government policies, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Europe's Russia Policy Pleases Nobody

European conservatives face an increasingly stark choice between fiscal austerity and a robust anti-Russia policy, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Masha Gessen's Facebook Rant Shows Core Problem of Russian Journalism

A recent spat between two Russian journalists shows that in today's information war, facts take second place to what side a journalist is on, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Ukraine's Poverty Jeopardizes Its Democracy

Unless Ukraine is able to get a handle on its economy, the ebullient public mood will sour.

West Needs to Put Up or Shut Up About Ukraine

The West has talked the talk and now it needs to walk the walk in Ukraine and give the country the financial assistance it needs to get back on its feet, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Ukraine Crisis Has Strengthened Kremlin

Though many predict that Russia's campaign in Ukraine will spell political death for Putin, that's far from certain, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

RussiaТs Short-Term Thinking Imperils Its Future

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov raised quite of lot of eyebrows last week when he stated that the government would withhold $8.2 billion worth of money that was originally scheduled to be invested in the pension system.

The West Needs to Start Facing Facts in Ukraine

If the West is going to aid Ukraine, we should have a clear idea of who it is we are helping.

An American 'RT' Wouldn't Sway Russians

Russia's much vaunted "information war" doesn't merit an analogous Western respond, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Russia's Food Ban Is High-Risk, Low-Reward

Russians will be particularly affected by their self-imposed food ban because they already spend an unusually large portion of their budget on groceries, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

Without EU Cash, Russian Business Is Sunk

Don't expect the latest round of sanctions to help jumpstart Russian industrialization, writes columnist Mark Adomanis.

For Better or Worse, Russia Is Not Isolated

A U.S. policy on Russia constructed on the assumption that Russia has been kicked out of the "international community" simply will not work, writes columnist Mark Adomanis