Articles by Elizabeth Kaplunov

Erarta Bring Russian Religious Art to London

During the Russian Art Week and the U.K.-Russia Year of Culture 2014, many art galleries chose to focus on art styles stereotypically attributed to Russia such as propaganda art and constructivism. Conversely, the Erarta Galleries in London Ч part of St. Petersburg's Erarta Project Ч decided to present more contemporary art in its "Would-Be Worlds" exhibition.

Russian Avant-Garde Dominates Year of Culture

With both Russian Art Week and the 2014 U.K.-Russia Year of Culture ongoing in England's capital, the options for those interested in Russian culture are numerous indeed. In this kaleidoscope of choice, London's St. Petersburg Gallery stands out with its exhibition called "Russian Revolution in Art. Russian Avant-Garde: 1910-1932."

Vladimir Nabokov Takes the Stage in 'A Dashing Fellow'

As racy Russian plays are criticized by government authorities in Russia, they seem to be enjoying a burst of popularity abroad. In "A Dashing Fellow,"  a play based on three short stories by Vladimir Nabokov, rape, sexual perversion and drug addiction happily exist alongside beauty, love and loss.

'Donkey Heart' Shows Soviet Past Behind Family Turmoil

As the Soviet Union fades from the memories of the youngest generations of Russians, it still underpins the consciousness of their parents. The play "Donkey Heart," written by Moses Raine and directed by his sister Nina Raine, focuses on the psychological setup of a family in post-Soviet Moscow, describing exactly how the Soviet past has shaped the current family dynamic of mistrust, lies and heightened emotions. The play premiered at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London as part of a range of Russian plays, exhibitions and literary events within the 2014 U.K.-Russia Year of Culture.

Calvert 22 Brings Russian Gay Art to Britain

While Russian politicians express outrage over Austrian transvestite Conchita Wurst's recent Eurovision victory, a new exhibit at the Calvert 22 gallery in London, organized as part of the 2014 U.K.ЦRussia Year of Culture, is showing works from Timur Novikov's New Academy, a St. Petersburg arts school known for pioneering non-conformist and gay art in post-Soviet Russia.

Russian Authors Say Literature Refutes Time and Space

As the 2014 U.K.ЦRussia Year of Culture gets into full swing, a wide array of events in London are allowing locals to become better acquainted with Russian art, theater and literature. At a recent discussion titled "In Search of the Essence of the Modern Russian Novel," Russian authors Zakhar Prilepin and Yevgeny Vodolazkin discussed the essence of the modern Russian novel.


Since Abkhazia's secession from Georgia, the Black Sea town of Batumi, a stone's throw from the Turkish border, can claim the title of the country's westernmost city, both in terms of geography and atmosphere. Up until 2004, there was no hint that Batumi would get this honor. Its raison d'etre in the Soviet period was as an industrial port and refinery town for oil from Baku.