Articles by Vladislav Arkhipov

B2B: Russian Data Localization in Brief

  • 21 September 15
  • Dentons
The so-called Data Localisation Law that has spurred numerous discussions over the past year became effective on September 1, 2015.

B2B: IP in the Digital Entertainment Industry

  • 08 June 15
  • Dentons
A few months ago one of my students wrote a course paper concentrated on analysis of legal aspects of the fictional universe of Harry Potter franchise.

B2B: Legal Pitfalls of Social Networks: What Should a User Be Aware of?

  • 18 March 14
  • Dentons
There is undoubtedly a wealth of information available now on how a user can stay safe while using social networks. Today's Internet is also by no means divorced from justice, and the principles of personal cybersecurity have a nascent legal dimension.