Articles by Darya Bielecka

'Captain Fingers' Plays At Butman With Grusin

Lee Ritenour, nicknamed "Captain Fingers" because of his dexterity on the guitar, plays with Grammy Award-winning pianist Dave Grusin, who composed much of the soundtrack for "The Graduate," at downtown Moscow's Igor Butman Club on Friday. Ritenour's first work as a session guitarist was with The Mamas & The Papas in 1968, and he has released dozens of solo albums.

Moscow's Butman Jazz Club Sees Return of Ark

Bass player, composer and band leader Ark Ovrutski performs at the Igor Butman Club on Wednesday with guitarist Roni Ben-Hur and drummer Duduka da Fonseca. Originally from Moscow, Ovrutski moved to the U.S. in 2005.

American Jazz Singer David Post Sings at Butman

American jazz singer David Post is a regular visitor to Russia, performing mainly in St. Petersburg. This Sunday, Moscow audiences get the chance to hear a singer who has been compared to Chet Baker and Mel Torme at the Butman club. We caught up with him before his performance.

Turetsky Choir Mixes Opera Vocals and Pop Styles

The Turetsky Choir will celebrate its 14th birthday this year, yet the singers in the group have known each other for  20 years, since they first turned their trained operatic voices to the creation of pop music.

Domestic Success for Russia's 'Voice'

It seems that every country has some form of musical contest show: American Idol, X Factor, Pop Idol, and The Voice have spawned a variety of remakes and franchises across the globe, and it seems that no one can get enough of amateurs belting out pop hits for the judgement of critics.

Amedia Adapts Shows for Russians

People in Russia first started talking about Amedia's films, television shows and production studio with the success of their series "Don't Be Born Beautiful," the Russian adaptation of the American "Ugly Betty."

Yegor Dobrogorsky, the Guru of Event Planning

Yegor Dobrogorsky's event agency Communicator seems unbelievably successful, with budgets of millions of rubles for events from clients like Raiffeisen Bank, Beeline, Siemens and Sberbank.

Disney Tailors International Films to a Russian Audience

Walt Disney is the world's leading giant in terms of entertainment for kids and teenagers with their strong focus on family values. Surprisingly, their Russian representative office opened only seven years ago in 2006, though they first broke into the Russian market in 1998 with the animated feature "Hercules," dubbed at Neva Film in St. Petersburg.

A Sax Player Reflects on Jazz in U.S. and Russia

Analytical skills are not a strong point for many musicians. For most of them, especially the Russian jazz stars, it is still easier to play their instruments than talk and explain.

Daniel Kramer Never Gets Tired

In his early 50s, Russian jazz pianist and producer Daniel Kramer is still touring around Russia and abroad in what he describes as a nonstop regime.