Articles by Alevtina Borisova

Employment: HR Plans for 2016

  • 08 June 16
  • KPMG
Over the past three years, both the global and Russian economies have been affected by a number of significant events that have created a crisis on the local market.

Employment: Cycles of Evolution

  • 28 October 15
  • KPMG
Could we have imagined, just 10-15 years ago, what the HR function would look like today, and how the HR profession would have changed? Probably not even in our wildest dreams …

Employment: Evidence-Based HR

  • 26 May 15
  • KPMG in Russia and the CIS
In the current economic environment in Russia companies need to adopt decisions rapidly at a time of significant uncertainty.

Employment: Tapping Into Talent and Developing Business in Russia's Regions

  • 06 November 13
  • KPMG
Many talented students and graduates in the regions have less information at their disposal on how to land a job with market leaders.