Articles by Malika Giles

Best of 1950s Soviet Design on Show in London

"Work and Play Behind the Iron Curtain" at the Gallery for Russian Arts and Design in London brings together more than 50 key design objects from the 1950s.

Kyrgyzstan Offers an Unlikely Window Into Slavic Culture

Beneath the blue-painted steeples of Bishkek's Russian Orthodox Church, the wooden rafters echo with the sound of traditional Slavic folk songs. The audience, mostly babushkas wrapped in hats and coats of fur, are enraptured; their eyes, normally so stern, dance with delight.

UNESCO Recognizes Kyrgyz Epic of Manas

UNESCO has added the Kyrgyz Epic of Manas to its "intangible heritage" list. The epic trilogy narrates the story of Manas and his descendants, Semetey and Seytek, as they battle against their Khitan and Oirat enemies, struggling to unite the disparate tribes of Kyrgyz people into a single nation and reclaim their ancestral lands.

Kyrgyzstan, Eyeing Customs Union, Frets Over Migrant Workers in Russia

Kyrgyz high school students can sign up for lessons on moving to Russia, including crash courses on Russian legislation on migration, how to apply for work permits, and how to find jobs in Russia.

Russian Art Collective Enters London Scene

The human search for perfection, the rise of social media as a new religion and the ways our society will be remembered by future generations — these are just some of the themes being tackled by Russian artists Andrei Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov in a new exhibition in Gazelli Art House, London.