Articles by Anders Åslund

Russia Is in No Economic Shape to Fight a War

Last Friday evening, the Russian Security Council met. In attendance were 12 men Ч almost all of whom are around 60 years old and who once worked in the KGB in St. Petersburg Ч and one woman.

Russia Will Pay Dearly for Putin's Anschluss

President Vladimir Putin overplayed his hand when he invaded Crimea. This unprovoked and illegal aggression was a throwback to the Soviet combination of megalomania and inferiority complex. It was reminiscent of the Kremlin's decision in December 1979 to invade Afghanistan, which in hindsight marked the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.

What Kiev's Democratic Turn Means for Moscow

The Ukrainian protests present a challenge to all Russians. Putin must realize the Eurasian Union is stillborn and Russia needs the EU.

Russia Is Losing Sources of Economic Growth

The annual Gaidar Forum, held last week in Moscow, is a good occasion to assess the country's economic state of affairs.

Putin's Conservative State Capitalism

Putin sounded completely Soviet during his address to the nation. He seems unaware both of the collapse of the Soviet economic system and why it happened.

Russia Can't Grow and Steal at the Same Time

The Kremlin's two main goals are to maintain political power and to enrich the ruling elite. At best, economic growth is the third-ranking goal, and it contradicts the two primary aims.

Yanukovych Must Solve His Prisoner's Dilemma

Far from being a one-off case, the Tymoshenko affair exposes a deeper malaise.

The Dangers of Growing Russian Parochialism

A country's trade policy is supposed to maximize economic growth while keeping its foreign payments in reasonable balance. In reality, it might actually benefit the interests of entrenched elites at the expense of the growth and welfare of the nation.

How Putin Lost Ukraine

Putin's Ukraine policy is as aggressive as it is unsuccessful. His latest mistake was the clumsy attempt to block Ukrainian imports.