Articles by Anna Berlina

B2B: Electronic Salary Ч to Pay or Not to Pay?

  • 15 October 15
  • Pepeliaev Group
Electronic payment systems are gaining popularity, and clients often ask us whether they can use electronic money to pay salaries to their employees.

B2B: My Mail Is My Castle?

  • 20 April 15
  • Dentons
Don't send it to my work mail! They check everything!" We often hear this kind of comment.

B2B: Recent Changes to Russia's Laws on Leased Labor

  • 02 June 14
  • Dentons
Temporary staff can be supplied to a legal entity as substitutes for absent employees, or to perform work relating to expanded services.

Employee Protection Against Currency Risks?

  • 07 April 14
  • Dentons
Keep your income and expenses in the same currency" Ч everyone knows this golden rule, even if they are not always able to stick to it.

B2B: Employment Function and Employment Duties Ч Feel the Difference

  • 21 October 13
  • Dentons
"What is Olga supposed to be doing?" the director asked. "Whenever I see her, she is standing outside smoking. The logistics department is swamped, the other guys don't have time to take a breather, and she's either on the phone for a private chat or painting her nails, and always the first to leave, 6 o'clock sharp!"

B2B: Legalization of Staff Secondment

  • 10 June 13
  • Dentons
It may surprise host companies that the payment conditions of seconded staff must be no worse than those of its own employees.