Articles by Inna Kiyasova

Russia, Brought to You by Coub

The outgoing year in Russia generated a lot of very important political, economic and social news Ч much of which got transformed at, the Russian analogue of the short-form video service Vine.

The 5 Most Legendary Western Artists to Ever Perform in Moscow

To look back to the days when the world's greatest rock stars first performed for Soviet and Russian audiences, we asked the people who were there to remember what it was like.

7 Soviet Military Songs to Play on Victory Day

Russia will commemorate 70 years since the Allied victory over Nazi Germany this Saturday. The day will be marked by a huge parade through the center of Moscow, involving some 200 military vehicles.

The Sound of Russian Music Ч 5 Songs for Spring

After a long winter season — with temperatures that can drop below minus 30 degrees Celsius — spring in Russia is received with open arms.

Afisha Picnic Celebrates 10 Years With Suede, Food and Music

Ten years after a listings magazine decided to have the then-novel idea of an alcohol-free music festival in a park in Moscow, Afisha Picnic celebrates a decade as the city's top festival with a packed lineup and even more food than normal.

New Exhibit Brings Wilds Into Moscow

The term "freeriding" can be applied to outdoor sports ranging from skiing and snowboarding to mountain biking, and generally means going off the beaten track and into the wilderness.

Russia's Folk Music Scene Defies Commercial Logic

Russian music is often stereotyped as being highly commercialized, lacking deep lyrics and sounds. Not many people know that Russia can also boast of a hidden side to its music.

Good Bars and Pubs For Expat Sports Fans

As the Red Sox and Cardinals face off in baseballТs World Series, American expats are hard-pressed to find a place to view the game. Indeed, any sport-loving expat who has lived abroad for long enough knows the last-minute panic to find a bar showing the Superbowl, Wimbledon, or the Champions League final.

New Exhibit Shows Life "On the Edge"

Being a photographer is not as unusual as it was in the days before digital cameras. However, over the past few years this form of art has become more than just shooting photos. A new exhibit called "On The Edge" (Na krayu), aims to to demonstrate how exactly the craft has been changed.

Ludovico Einaudi Mixes Genres in Moscow

What unites Thom Yorke, the extraordinary yet depressive leader of Radiohead, and the great composer Igor Stravinsky? Nothing but music.

Bare Skin is a Blank Canvas at Tattoo Convention

Moscow hosts its sixth International Tattoo Convention over the weekend for enthusiasts of the colorful coverings.

Chelyabinsk Breaks Through With 'Cosmic' Festival

When people hear the word "metagalaxy," they often imagine something cosmic, associated with a part of the universe. But in fact, the meaning of this word is quite far from astronomical.