Articles by Melissa Purkiss

Soviet Games Machines Swing Back Into Action

Dom 11 Baumanskaya Ulitsa is home to one of Moscow's many museums. However, this is not one of your typical museums. Instead of browsing room upon room of dusty artifacts or priceless inanimate artworks behind a slab of glass casing, a trip here will allow you to admire, touch, play on Ч and maybe even shout at Ч the displays.

A Fairy Tale Setting for Clay Characters

Tradition, novelty and myth come together in an exhibit displaying quaint Dymkov toys, ranging from century-old pieces to the present day.

Italian Film Festival Full of Ambition and Frustration

Italy is famous for its appreciation and creation of fine arts, so the arrival of the 16th N.I.C.E. (New Italian Cinema Events) Festival in Moscow this week, sounds like something worth celebrating.

Death's a Trifle for Czech Photographer

For those unfamiliar with Czech photographer Jan Saudek, the title of the ongoing retrospective of his works at the Classical Photography Gallery aptly sets the tone. "Life, Love, Death and Other Trifles" both meets and subverts viewer expectations as we enter an alternate reality of empowerment, repression, attraction and revulsion.

'Bleak' Russian Provinces Full of Humor and Color

For many Muscovites, the Russian provinces are a distant land, visited or passed through rarely, if at all, and for the most part experienced secondhand, through anecdotes, news stories or art.

Young Designers Present Clothes and Woes at Fashion Week

This weekend saw the glitz and glamour of Fashion Week Russia descend upon the Manezh. A showcase of Russian creativity old and new, the expositions, films and catwalk shows presented the country as a dynamic new industry with promising future talent at its helm.

Russia and Canada Build Friendships on Icy Terrain

When asked what Russia has in common with Canada, one could be forgiven for sarcastically identifying "the cold" as their principal shared feature. In fact, this wouldn't seem to be too far from the truth.