Articles by Tim Saunders

Wheels: Mazda's CX-5 Lives Up to High Expectations

Air conditioning is a standard luxury on most vehicles these days, but in my experience these systems can be a little slow in delivering a comfortable temperature.

Wheels: The Peugeot 508's Glass Roof Illuminates Car Travel

Only the other week, I tested the Mazda CX-5 and bemoaned how dark the interior was compared to the Nissan Qashqai. The reason was that the Mazda lacked the expansive glass roof of its competitor, making it really dull even on a bright summer's day.

Wheels: Honda Re-imagines the Classic Civic's Sleek Form

The traditional sedan remains as reliable as before, though added new features make it more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Wheels: Travel in Grand Style with Chrysler's Voyager Van

Chrysler's classic Grand Voyager remains the ultimate people mover, and can't be beaten for long distance rides in the lap of luxury.

Wheels: Suzuki's Grand Vitara Updates Old Traditions

Suzuki's Grand Vitara has been around for a while, yet remains one of the best options for a 4x4 with new diesel unit and styling.

Wheels: Kia's Redesigned Subcompact Mimics Alfa Romeo

The small Kia Picanto aims to compete with Smart and Renault for economy buyers, yet has modeled its exterior on more luxurious cars.

Wheels: Diesel Is Quiet at Last With Hyundai's New i30

The new Hyundai i30 is a shockingly quiet ride for a diesel vehicle and, moreover, is economically priced, with affordable gas mileage.

Wheels: Audi's A3 Adds More Economy to a Sporty Brand

Driving experience Ч two words that every motorist knows about, no matter what vehicle they drive. For some, it will be a wholesome, positive experience, while for others Ч totally unsatisfactory.

Wheels: Jaguar Can't Match Citroen's Spacious New Sedan

The latest Citroen C5 has a cavernous trunk and comfortable front seats, amenities that beat many pricier luxury cars.

Wheels: Volvo Reimagines a Hatchback, With Mixed Results

Designers, like writers, crave inspiration and a desire to stand out from the crowd - for all the right reasons, too.

Wheels: New Jaguar XJ Offers High Speeds for High Prices

There is justice in the world. This point is emphasized by the Jaguar XJ but not in the way that you might first imagine.

Wheels: Opel's New Astra Adds Speed to an Old Standard

Opel's updated Astra provides the same old reliable performance and functionality while adding many modern amenities.

Wheels: Subaru's Sporty Sedan Offers a Fast, Stylish Ride

The new Subaru WRX STi provides a speedy option for family drivers, combining power and design with a variety of practical features.

Wheels: New Toyota Verso Revives Multi-Purpose Vehicles

There are few vehicles that will transport three generations of the same family. But MPVs (multi-purpose vehicles) solve this difficulty.

Wheels: Seat's New Sedan Gives Fuel Savings and Space

We live in extremely straitened times, when most countries continue to accumulate debt — Russia's is currently $624 billion, a 20 percent increase from last year.

Wheels: A Van That Can Handle Ice, Snow and Moscow

The new Peugeot Partner all-terrain van is fitted with indispensable grip control and anti-slip regulation, providing sure-footedness.

Wheels: Mazda 3 Poses Challenge to Legendary Golf GTi

The MPS offers a sporty ride and comfy, electrically heated leather bucket seats in front. It has a useful cruise control, too.