Articles by Simone Peek

New Piracy Laws Encourage Legal Music Streaming

On April 4 it was announced that Sony Music Russia, Universal Music Russia and Warner Music U.K. had charged social networking site Vkontakte with a 50 million ruble ($1.4 million) damage claim. This is not the first Ч and probably not the last Ч lawsuit brought against against the long-time haven for online music piracy.

Guitar Virtuoso to Avoid Politics on Russian Tour

Unruffled by worldwide speculations announcing a new cold war, U.S. rock guitar genius Steve Vai is on a tour through Eastern Europe.

Gorky Park's 85th Anniversary Carnival Blowout

Gorky Park is to play host to colorful carnival parades and international theater troupes this weekend for its anniversary celebrations.

35th Moscow International Film Festival Takes Off

Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) is celebrating its 35th edition this year, taking place from June 20 to 29, with likely high-profile guests, including Brad Pitt and now-Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu.

Gorky Park Shuts its Gates for Televised School Prom

As the old saying goes,"Hard work reaps great rewards." This was clearly the mentality of Moscow's department of education when they organized the 100-hectare "prom" for this year's high school graduates.

Russian Orphans Receive 'Oscars' for Filmmaking

Charitable organization "Krilya" is providing orphaned Russian teenagers with the opportunity to express a creative side.

The Staple Music Genre of Muscovites

Jazz is an intensely popular musical style in Moscow: A casual scan of events calendars can give the impression that every second evening act is jazz-based. This week, trumpets and drums from all over the world are playing jazzy tunes for two festive occasions.

Pet Shop Boys Get Political

They have been over thirty years in the business and Pet Shop Boys are still going like an express train, spreading their music around the world. Their twelfth studio album "Electric" will be released on June 15, only eight months after their last album came out.

'Beautiful Idiots' of Cirque du Soleil hit Moscow

Canadian Jesse Buck travels the world in a purple disguise, and spends no less then one hour and ten minutes make-up before presenting himself to the public every day.

TangoCity Brings a Taste of Argentina to Russia

Despite the weather forecasts, Moscow's weekend temperatures will rise to a subtropical level, as ladies dust off their open pumps and scan their closets for their most jaunty skirt.

Kings of Convenience Bring Norway to Moscow

Many years after "Abba" and "Ace of Base" rose to prominence, and following the turn of the millennium, Scandinavian artists once again began to leave their permanent mark on pop culture.

A Mythological Menagerie, Made Only of Sand

Twelve different sand statues, crafted by competitors from eight different countries are currently on display in Kolomensky Park, as part of the 7th edition of a sand sculpting competition.

Moscow's Insomniacs Cluster For Museum Night

This Saturday, Moscow will celebrate a "Day of Historical and Cultural Heritage." The name of the large-scale event correctly reflects the numerous activities during the day, starting from 10 a.m.

Anatomy Exhibit Displays 20 Afterlife Travellers

Lenin's corpse has been able to rest comfortably in a unique way at his mausoleum for more 90 years , but now, he has some equally well-preserved visitors in the Red Square Area.

Shedding Light on Moscow's Russian-Language Schools

Every year, people from all over the world come to Moscow to try to absorb the Russian language. Learning Russian through a university has remained as the most traditional option, but over the past fifteen to twenty years, many private language schools have thrown open their doors to foreign enthusiasts.

Moscow Stations now a Platform for Artists

Train stations often pull in neighborhood riffraff like moths to a flame, drawing those who aim to scam travelers, sleep off their drink, and pursue any other dodgy business that requires anonymity. Therefore, most people try to limit the time they spend around stations, especially at night.

The Growing Global Appeal of Russian Antiques

Faberge expert Geza Von Habsburg predicted that the Russian antique market had reached its summit in 2009. Yet in 2012, more record-breaking sales took place, and a $20.2 million turnover was made during the Russian Art Week in London that year.

Risque Exhibit Becomes Insect Battleground

A remarkable exposition opened last week at the Triumph Gallery. Ilya IsupovТs collection, "The Anthill," reaped high praise, with live ants starring in the artwork. It was initially an exhilarating sight. Unfortunately, a few days in, the pieces began to look more like grave mounds.

Joining Bulgakov's Ghosts as They Stalk Bolshaya Sadovaya

A night-time visit to a haunted house is probably not at the top of your to-do list. But perhaps it should be. A courtyard near the Mayakovskaya metro station is home to the most literary of ghouls.

Clowns Coming Home to Russia With New Tricks

From near-offensive clowning to ultimate acrobatics in the wheel of death, Cirque du Soleil's "Kooza" is a jack-in-the-box circus experience presented in costumes representing the entire color palette.

Mixing Cocktails Turns Into Trendy, Personalized Artwork

In Hollywood, every star has his own characteristic drink. For Quentin Tarantino, it's tequila-based mixes, while Brad Pitt drinks his high-class vodka straight, with an olive. Dave Stewart orders his dry martini in a special way, with three olives and specific vermouth.

Aluminum-Clad Dancers Beckon Viewers Into the Future

Moscow may already seem rather alien to some who visit the city, but this weekend and Monday, it has gotten even more out of this world. "The Aluminum Show" has descended on the capital with its convoy at a fitting location, the Cosmos Hotel.

Roly-Poly Reifies 'National Idea'

An artpiece that bounces back up when pushed down wins its designer $10,000.

Backstage at Bolshoi in Your Own Tutu

To walk behind the scenes of the Bolshoi Theater and peer over the set designer's shoulder while he is designing the decor. To catch a glimpse of what others won't be able to see until opening day - that is a dream for many theater lovers. At the Dom Naschokina gallery, one can get very close.

Sochi Transformation as Seen Through Dutch Eyes

Living day by day in a certain place can make even the most magnificent view look ordinary. But what it looks like to an outsider is hard to guess. A new exhibit in Moscow shows Russians what they look like through the eyes of Dutch photographers.

Expat Women Get Ready for Glamorous Ball

If someone asks you for directions to Paris while you're strolling around downtown Moscow in the coming week, don't immediately assume that they've just escaped from an institution. To be helpful, point them in the direction of Tverskaya Ulitsa.