Articles by Aliide Naylor

Estonian Foreign Minister Cautious but Calm on Relations With Russia

As the Baltic states fret about perceived threats from neighboring Russia, Estonia's foreign minister is better placed than most to understand and address the issue: She is half Russian and half Latvian.

St. Petersburg Exhibition Censored and Closed

A Belgian and a German artist have had an exhibition of their graphic novel shuttered in St. Petersburg's Nabokov Museum.

Historian on Spies and 'Sosedki' in Soviet 1960s

Historian Sheila Fitzpatrick first arrived in Russia as an Oxford student at the end of the 1960s. Before she and other students went, they had a meeting.

Chechen Leader Kadyrov Joins 'Night Wolves' Motorcycle Gang

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has been inducted into Russia's biggest black-leather clad biker gang, the 'Night Wolves.'

E-Vote on Demolition of Moscow Monument a Development Ploy?

If cell phone-wielding Muscovites so will it, a landmark of Soviet modernist architecture faces destruction, possibly to clear a path for real estate developers.

French Artist Sets Moscow Landmark on Fire

The Melnikov House burned bright on the warm May evening. Through its iconic hexagonal windows, the flames could be seen growing stronger and stronger. Smoke rose into the sky and as the temperature inside the house soared, the walls began to visibly warp.

Police Halt 'Illegal' Renovations in Narkomfin

Police were called to constructivist masterpiece Narkomfin on Tuesday after continued 'illegal' repair works were documented by architectural enthusiasts, despite Moscow's Department of Cultural Heritage issuing an injunction for them to stop last week.

Constructivist Utopia Narkomfin Endangered by Renovation Project

Moscow's connoisseurs of constructivism have their work cut out for them at the moment in a fight to save their most treasured landmarks. While the Shukhov radio tower has been seizing the limelight in recent weeks, Le Corbusier inspiration Narkomfin is now facing imminent threat.

Russian 'Ziferblat' Anti-Cafe's London Space Faces Prospect of Closure

There has been an ongoing spat between the Russian pay-as-you-go cafe's London space and its landlord. While Ziferblat, or Clockface, defines their area as an office or shared workspace, the landlord says that they have been operating a restaurant, thereby breaching lease agreements.

Waveform Celebrates 3rd Birthday

The Waveform community of synth, minimal wave and punk enthusiasts is marking its third birthday on Friday, hosting -among others - France-based cold-wave artist, ADN' Ckrystall, the Belgian-wave DJ SIR EDWARD and Ukraine based Dmytrij Wulffius in its usual Сcozy studio-barТ Ypsilon.

Martin Amis Compares 'Torpid' England to Russia

"I tend not to read foreign fiction because I don't speak any other language," said award-winning British author Martin Amis at a talk hosted by the British Council on Saturday.

Ennio Morricone Discusses 85th Anniversary Before Moscow Concert

"When I was a child I was cured by a doctor Ч he was very famous because he cured the children of Mussolini and other members of the contemporary government. His name was Ronchi; he was a fascinating person. At that time, I wanted to become a doctor," recalled Italian composer Ennio Morricone ahead of his Moscow performance at Crocus City Hall.

Nuclear Icebreaker Houses Art in the Arctic Circle

The Lenin nuclear icebreaker in the far northern city of Murmansk is the setting of a new international art exhibition that juxtaposes "old Russia" and new.

Russia's 'Cinetrain' Participants Reap Awards, Screenings Planned

Short documentary films "Zima" ("Winter") and "The Green Serpent: of Vodka, Men and Distilled Dreams" reaped awards at Switzerland's Locarno Film Festival after the crews completed a lengthy trek across Russia's east at the beginning of the year.

Invisible Monsters and Experimental Film: 5th Moscow Biennale Artists Announced

In June, the 5th Moscow BiennaleТs theme, УMore Light,Ф was announced for the first time. On Tuesday, more than 70 contemporary artists and groups whose work will materialize under the bright beams were finally listed.

'Window to Europe' Cinema on Finnish Border

Vyborg is nestled just 38 kilometers from Russia's border with Finland and is a serene haven of cobbled streets and quaint market stalls, with its epicenter being the medieval castle and fortress, allowing the absorption of spectacular panoramic views across the countryside.

Leo Records Festival of Jazz

Leo Feigin's personal role in the exchange of jazz music between the former Soviet Union and Britain is incomparable. Having immigrated to England five years before the 1979 launch of 'Leo Records,' he put out hundreds of releases, including from the likes of Sun Ra and Cecil Taylor, as well as the Russia-based Ganelin Trio and Sergei Kuryokhin.  

Packaging Design Exhibit on the Home Stretch

"Packaging Design: Made in Russia" has been visited by some 110,000 people since it premiered at the Manege. Now stationed at The Rabochy i Kolhoznitsa Exhibition Hall — because of the sheer level of public interest — it has just over a week remaining until it's dismantled on August 18.

A Clash of Cultures in Alexander Kosolapov's Art

Soviet-era artist Alexander Kosolapov shot to popularity after his move to New York in 1975, drawing ironic parallels between Soviet communism and American materialistic culture, combining the imagery from both in his work.

Lectures on 2 Wheels at 7th Moscow Velonotte

Bike riding has launched with an unprecedented enthusiasm in Moscow over the past few years. A vintage bike ride in Sokolniki Park that became a landmark event at the beginning of June, was accompanied by the start of a "Boris Bike" scheme — so called because of the Mayor of London's bike-renting system — in the same week.

Russian Booker Nominees Listed

The "long list" for the Russian equivalent of the prestigious literary award was announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

Bringing Complex Ideas to a Modern Film Crowd

Andrei Sigle's most notable recent work has been as producer and composer on the internationally acclaimed adaptation of "Faust," directed by Alexander Sokurov.

Musical Survives New Ban Attempt

The world-famous 1970s musical, "Jesus Christ Ч Superstar" has survived a public outcry from religious groups in the southern city of Stavropol. The show is to go ahead on June 20, while its cancellation in the nearby city of Pyatigorsk remains firmly in place.

Green Fingers and Gold Medals at Moscow Flower Show

Enthusiastic horticulturalists from Italy, the U.S., England and, of course, Russia flocked to Gorky Park last weekend to perfect their plots for Moscow's second flower show, being held in the sunny city oasis of Gorky Park until June 23.

Tarkovsky's Archives Opened at Russian Film Festival

Some 250 kilometer northeast of Moscow in the Ivanovo region, the seventh annual international УZerkaloФ (Mirror) film festival is taking place, across six cities: Pleso, Ivanovo, Yuryevets, Kineshma, Rodniki and Shuya.

Opera Sensation Prepares for Kremlin Palace Show

Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis arrives in Moscow this week, psyched for his one-off performance at the State Kremlin Palace on June 14 alongside renowned Russian mezzo-soprano Maria Maksakova.

Viennese Ball Sweeps Into Russia's Capital

An impressive display of elegant costumes, classic ballroom dances, and a spread of fine food and wine invaded Moscow's Gostiny Dvor on Saturday at the city's 11th annual Viennese Ball.

Lenin's Mausoleum Reopens to Public

After nine months of closure during the cold season, spending some time masked under a large white dome, Lenin's mausoleum on Moscow's Red Square has finally reopened to the general public, just in time for tourist season.

Alan Bennett's 'People' on Moscow's Screens

British actress Selina Cadell's sudden arrival in Moscow to discuss National Theater Live's new projection of Alan Bennett's "People" in the city's Horizon Cinema, brought with it some interesting insights into how the city has changed.

Book Shopping and Swapping Thrives in the Capital

Tangible literature still has a place in the hearts of many Muscovites, and proponents of the printed word don't have to look far to find their next fix.