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Muchnik's Picks: Jenia Lubich, Easy M and More Music on the Weekend in Moscow

It's summer in Moscow, and that means at least one open-air event, festival or a street party every weekend. This weekend there will also be two free concerts at a new venue and a farewell tour of an important 90s band.

Miffed Over MIFF in Moscow

A couple dozen people crowded at the entrance to the movie hall where the screening of "Marie and the Misfits," a French dramedy and one of the competitors in the official program of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) was about to begin.

Muchnik's Picks: Noize MC, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

This might be the busiest weekend for festival-goers in Moscow: Two major events will be taking place at the same time.

Patara: A New Take on an Old Favorite in Moscow

It's been a good year for Georgian cuisine in Moscow. Long associated with old school Soviet-era dining, Georgian cuisine has become cool again.

Muchnik's Picks: Borns, Outline Festival and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

Two underground festivals and a couple of visitors from sunny California Ч all of this and more over the coming weekend, which promises to be an absolute scorcher.

Moscow Young Art Biennale Showcases the Best New Artistic Talent

The fifth edition of the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art officially opens this Friday.

Moscow's International Film Festival: Top Picks for the Week Ahead

The 38th Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) opened yesterday with much pomp and ceremony. While its "international" and "festival" credentials are somewhat questionable, MIFF does offer Muscovites the chance to catch some great films from home and abroad on the big screen. Here's what to look out for.

Krugozor: Cocktails, Music and Street Food With an Edge

Krugozor was a Soviet literary and music magazine printed at the Pravda publishing house, where the new incarnation of Krugozor Ч a bar Чrecently opened.

Muchnik's Picks: Guru Groove Foundation, Ellen Oleria and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

The coming weekend is going to be one of the few this summer free of music festivals. But that doesn't mean there's nothing going on in terms of great concerts, and some of them will even be in the open air! Check out our selection this week.

Russia's Platonov Festival Puts Voronezh on the Map

This year's International Platonov Arts Festival in Voronezh was attended by 77,000 people. The sprawling 12-day cultural event — now in its sixth year Ч is redefining the city as one of Russia's most innovative artistic centers.

Dada, Yoda, Graffiti in Granite and More Moscow Exhibitions This Week

The National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA or GTsSI in Russian) recently launched a 10-day "Dada Festival" devoted to the Dadaism movement of the last century.

Muchnik's Picks: Ahmad Tea Music Festival, Maxidrom and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

The weather is back to being almost summerlike — which is good news because this will be another weekend of summer festivals. There's Ahmad Tea Music Festival, the sudden comeback of Maxidrom and plenty more besides. Here are our picks.

Brisket BBQ: Brooklyn-Style Barbecue in Moscow

Fyodor Tardatyan and Maxim Livsi began in the restaurant industry with two kiosks in Gorky Park called "Ferma" (Farm) and "Williamsburg" promoting Brooklyn-style street food.

Soviet Nostalgia: 5 Moscow Exhibitions That Hark Back to the USSR

Ilya Mashkov became famous as a member of the "Jack of Diamonds" artists' group, which included leading figures of Russian avant-garde such as Malevich, Goncharova and Kandinsky.

Muchnik's Picks: Sound Up, Kilo Kish and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

Typical June weather in Moscow means the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius and the poplar fluff floating around can easily be mistaken for snow. It's all the more reason to warm yourself up with a glass of something strong and enjoy one of the gigs we have picked out for you.

French-Inspired Cuisine in Moscow at Pipe

The new restaurant Pipe is named after the street it's located on Ч Trubnaya Ч which comes from the word "truba" (pipe).

Muchnik's Picks: L'One, Panic! at the Disco, and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

The first summer weekend is almost here and two major festivals are happening on Saturday and Sunday Ц Usadba Jazz and Bosco Fresh Fest. Both Russian and international heavyweights are among the headliners, including Azealia Banks, Mumy Troll and Aquarium.

Heineken Bar Moscow Kickstarts the Summer

Heineken Bar Moscow only had its official opening a week ago but it's already become the newest "it" place in Moscow. The line for the opening party was so long that people had to wait for an hour to get in.

Muchnik's Picks: Emir Kusturica and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

Spring's last weekend is upon us and the weather is positively summer-like. At the end of the season there are a few precious gifts for music fans, from Sir Elton John to Emir Kusturica.

Soviet-Era Cuisine With a Twist at Ottepel Restaurant in Moscow

It's unclear whether the name of this new restaurant at VDNKh has anything to do with Valery Todorovsky's "Ottepel" (The Thaw), which some consider the best Russian-language television serial to date.

The Lost World: Festival Fun from Moscow's Polytechnic Museum

This weekend Moscow's Polytechnic Museum hosts its third annual Polytech Festival at VDNKh's Ploshchad Promyshlennosti. The enormous Vostok rocket will serve as a suitably impressive backdrop for a weekend of scientific and technological wonders.

Muchnik's Picks: Splin, Bi-2, Foresteppe and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

Ferma Nikola-Lenivets: Farm Food in Central Moscow

The latest addition to Danilovsky market's expanding food court is Ferma Nikola-Lenivets (Nikola-Lenivets farm). Last fall it started life as a humble vegetable stall, but this spring sees it blossom into a full-blown café.

Muchnik's Picks: Petlya Pristrastiya, Tantsy Minus and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

As the country slowly recovers from the long May holidays, so do the Moscow concert venues. This weekend offers you the perfect opportunity to sample different genres from the contemporary Russian music scene — from post-punk to academic music via folk-rock.

Muchnik's Picks: Dasha Shults, Detsl and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

We are in the middle of the May holidays and the streets seem half-empty as many Muscovites left the city for a short vacation, taking advantage of a three-day working week.

Twin Exhibitions in Moscow Celebrate the Work of Viktor Pivovarov

Viktor Pivovarov turns eighty next year, and to commemorate this anniversary the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and Garage Museum of Contemporary Arts are simultaneously holding complementary shows of his works in Moscow, the artist's hometown.

Avant-Garde Paintings From Regional Museums Come to Moscow

"To be Left Until Called for" is the first large-scale exhibition project of the Avant-Garde Center at the Jewish Museum.

Muchnik's Picks: Basta, The KVB and More Music in Moscow on the Weekend

After one of the coldest and snowiest April weekends to date, let's hope that this week spring will finally start for real. Here's to spending the weekend sipping a beer al fresco and then hitting one of the many great gigs the city has to offer.

People&Pasta: Good, Cheap Eats on Moscow's Maroseika

People&Pasta already has two locations in Moscow Ч on Tsvetnoi Bulvar and Derbenevskaya Naberezhnaya Ч but the new joint on Maroseika places it firmly on the city's culinary map.

Anatoly Zverev's 'Beauties of the Centuries' Opens in Moscow

"Beauties of the Centuries" is a new exhibition at the AZ Museum, a museum dedicated to the work of the Soviet-era, non-conformist painter Anatoly Zverev.