Articles by Ivan Nechepurenko

European Court Rules in Favor of Anti-Kremlin Protesters

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that the Russian state violated the European Convention on Human Rights with regard to protesters arrested in the aftermath of а 2012 anti-Kremlin march.

Russia Using Syria to Overshadow Ukraine, Analysts Say

The recent flood of media reports claiming that Russia is boosting its military presence in Syria has detracted international attention from the Ukraine conflict.

Allegations of Russian Troops Reflect Battle Over Syria's Future

Russia is not planning a full-scale military invasion in Syria, but it will protect its main asset — the regime of President Bashar Assad — to the extent it can, analysts told The Moscow Times.

Russia's Regional Elections Marred by Pressure on Observers, Fraud

Multiple violations were registered by independent elections watchdogs during Sunday's regional elections across Russia.

'Sanctions Don't Matter' on Russian Market, Says Germany's BSH CEO

Despite Western sanctions and the economic decline in Russia, what matters for Germany's BSH, one of the largest home appliance producers in the world, is the potential scale of the Russian market.

Lack of Manifestos Points to Political Complacency in Russian Regions Ч Experts

Only five acting governors taking part in elections in 21 Russian regions next week have published electoral manifestos, the Petersburg Politics think tank said in a report published Thursday.

What Trump as U.S. President Would Mean for Russia

Donald Trump might hope that he will have a great relationship with President Putin if he gets elected into the White House, but the problem is that Russia's relationship with U.S. is driven by political elites.

U.S. Is Immoral and Racist, Russians Say in Poll

Russians believe the United States is an immoral and unequal country where people are not warm to each other or are openly racist, a survey by the state-owned Public Opinion Research Center reported on Monday.

Putin's Judo Partner to Take Control of Russia's Biggest Airport

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Friday that will likely place Moscow's second-largest airport, Sheremetyevo, under the control of his businessman friend Arkady Rotenberg.

Security Council Head Orders 'Measures' Against Officials, Who Use WhatsApp, Google

The Secretary of Russia's Security Council Nikolai Patrushev has ordered heads of far eastern regions to Уtake measuresФ against government officials who use Google, WhatsApp, Yahoo and other online services, TASS news agency reported.

By Blocking Wikipedia, Russian Government Shows its Power Over Web

After blocking a Wikipedia article for less than than 18 hours, Roskomnadzor removed it from a list of banned webpages on Tuesday in a move that reflects the power the Russian state wields over the Internet.

Plan to Withdraw Police From Russia's Museums Sparks Fears

An announcement that Russian museums would no longer be guarded by police sparked concern that foreign museums could stop lending their national treasures to Russia over fears for their safety.

Independent Elections Watchdog Expert Attacked in Moscow

An expert working for a prominent Russian elections watchdog that has been labeled a foreign agent by the Justice Ministry was attacked in a Moscow metro car on Wednesday night by a man who accused him of betraying Russia for the United States.

New Policy on Commemorating Victims of Repression At Odds With Actions

The government announced a new policy this week condemning attempts to justify mass Soviet repression, a move that appears to directly contradict official rhetoric and state actions during the last few years.

Russian Police Bust Underground Cheese Factory

Police officers have uncovered a vast illegal factory in the Moscow region that was making cheese using products that are banned from being imported into Russia over the Ukraine crisis, police said in a statement Tuesday.

Head of Russia's Mighty Rail Monopoly Looks Set to Step Down

Vladimir Yakunin was nominated as a senator for the upper chamber of the Russian parliament Monday, a position that would oblige him to step down as head of the state rail monopoly Russian Railways (RZD).

Attack on Exhibit Sparks Fears New Law Has Empowered Russian Marginals

As Russian lawmakers and Orthodox Church voiced dismay over an attack by activists, many observers said the state was to blame for giving people license to attack anything they say offends their religion.

EU Visits to Crimea Reflect Democracy, Not Divisions Over Russia, Say Analysts

The current trend for delegations of European lawmakers visiting Crimea shows that opinion on Russia policy within the EU is far from unanimous, analysts told The Moscow Times on Thursday.

Russian Officials Arrested for Murder, Financing Terrorism

A Moscow court ordered the head of a region in Russia's restive republic of Dagestan to remain under arrest Wednesday on suspicion of a catalog of crimes including two murders and financing terrorism.

Elderly Russian Woman Suspected of Multiple Macabre Murders, Dismemberments

After a St. Petersburg pensioner was detained on suspicion of having dismembered an elderly acquaintance, she confessed that this was only the latest in a string of 14 grisly murders, Russian media reported Wednesday.

Moscow, Kiev Grapple With Historic Ties to Prince Vladimir

Tuesday marked the passage of a millennium since the death of Vladimir the Great. Leaders of both Kiev and Moscow took advantage of the opportunity to emphasize their own countries' ties to the medieval ruler.

Kremlin Set to Create Incubator for Patriotic Superstars Ц Report

Russia is reportedly to get its own incubator to harvest patriotic pop stars, if a former Soviet rock star gets his way.

Prosecutors in Russia's Far East Want Chinese Culture Center Shut Down

Prosecutors in Russia's far eastern city of Blagoveshchensk have asked the city court to shut down a local branch of the Confucius Institute, an organization that promotes Chinese language and culture abroad, on the grounds that it is not registered correctly with the authorities, the court said in a statement Monday.

How Russia's Most Notorious Artist Convinced His Interrogator to Switch Sides

When young investigator Pavel Yasman was tasked with interrogating Russian artist Pyotr Pavlensky, known for his shocking political protest stunts, he never imagined that their conversations would change his life.

As Economic Crisis Starts to Bite, Shoplifting Surges in Russia

With real incomes sinking under the weight of Russia's economic crisis, shoplifting has been on the rise across the country, the Izvestia newspaper reported.

French Parliamentarians Head to Crimea for Controversial Visit

French members of parliament have inspired delight in Russia and provoked ire abroad with a planned visit to Crimea, where they are set to arrive Thursday.

Fearing Criminal Prosecution, Chubais Allies Flee Russia Ц Report

Several men with ties to post-Soviet market reformer and Rusnano founder Anatoly Chubais have fled the country amid mounting fears of a crackdown following the arrest of key Chubais ally Leonid Melamed, the RBC news site reported Wednesday.

Russian 'Miss Charming' Loses Title After Being Exposed as Neo-Nazi

After a series of social media postings exposed the Russian Football Premier League's newly crowned “Miss Charming” as a racist, organizers of the Miss Premier League competition stripped her of her title.

Divisions Revealed as Kremlin Critic Moves to Work for Ukraine Government

The outcry over prominent Russian Kremlin critic Maria Gaidar's decision to become a deputy to Mikheil Saakashvili, demonstrates the extent to which the ongoing conflict has divided the two countries.

Russian Scientist Hounded by Officials After Buying Banned Substance

When young Russian scientist Dmitry Lopatin ordered a can of solvent from an online store in China last year for work on his design for a new kind of solar panel, little did he suspect that the purchase could land him behind bars for 11 years.