Articles by Guennadi Moukine

Virtual World Bringing Real Money and Challenges to Russia

The achievements of the information technology and telecommunications sector in 2013 highlight the paradox of the government's efforts to wean the economy from its reliance on natural resources while maximizing control of how the virtual world functions.

MegaFon Opens Mobile Data Network in Sochi

MegaFon, the official mobile operator for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, said it has opened its 3G network to other cell companies, enabling their subscribers to use mobile Internet at the sporting venues during the Games.

Rostec Boosts Stake in Mid-Sized Bank to Take Control

State-owned technology corporation Rostec will increase its share in Novikombank to assume control of the lender by the middle of next year, the company said, without specifying the exact amount of shares it plans to acquire.

Russia's Black Friday Likely to Break Records

The Russian calendar is consistent in its delay versus the American one, even for e-commerce bonanzas, with the local version of Black Friday taking place this Friday.

Yota Launches Double-Sided Russian Smartphone Across Europe

Russian technology firm Yota Devices launched the world's first dual-screen mobile phone on Wednesday, breathing fresh air into the fast-growing and competitive smartphone market.

Mobile Number Portability Off to a Slow Start

The law that allows cell phone customers to change mobile service provider and keep their number went into effect this week, but mobile companies are asking customers to be patient while they iron out the bugs in the process.

Supercomputing Gap Seen as Threat to Economy

Russia is lagging five and a half years behind the U.S. in supercomputing technology and closing the gap is essential for the competitiveness of the Russian economy, an Academy of Sciences computing expert said.

As Rostelecom-Tele2 Merger Looms, State Frets Over Control

State-controlled telecoms giant Rostelecom plans to place its market-lagging mobile operation under the same roof as regional budget cellular provider Tele2 and send the two on the offensive to win 25 percent of the Russian mobile market by 2018.

Briton and 2 Girls Among Kazan Plane Crash Victims

A British woman was among the fifty people who died when a plane crashed while landing at Kazan International Airport in the republic of Tatarstan on Sunday, the regional emergencies department said.

Beyond Rosatom, Local Civil Nuclear Industry Struggles

While state-owned nuclear giant Rosatom monopolizes government largesse, other nuclear enterprises are forced to sell technology overseas in order to fund research, nuclear scientists said at the Technoprom technological development forum in Novosibirsk on Friday.

High-Tech Ceramic Production Starts in Siberia

A factory producing nanostructured ceramics for orthopedics and dental implants, bulletproof armor and circuit boards opened its doors in Novosibirsk on Thursday as a part of the government's effort to breathe life into domestic manufacturing facilities.

Soap Deceptions to be Exposed by New Product Testing Portal

A Russian product-testing startup, whose goal is to help consumers make educated decisions when buying household goods, has raised about $1 million and is ready for the official launch later this month.

Sberbank Plans To Double Profits and Shed 30,000 Employees

Sberbank is determined to double its profit and increase assets by two-fold between 2014 and 2018, by focusing on high profit products and optimizing costs by closing down branches and shedding up to 30,000 employees, the bank's chief executive German Gref said at a strategy presentation Tuesday.

Russian Tech Sector Reliant on U.S. Investors and Expertise

The only route to success for Russian technology firms is to launch an operation and find investors in U.S., an investment forum heard.

Olympic Training Puts Russia 31st in English Language Proficiency

Russia has achieved 31st place out of 60 countries in English proficiency, beating France and Italy, but falling behind Latvia and Ukraine on an index published annually by language school English First.

Technology Expert Sees Fear of Failure Inhibiting Russian Innovation

Despite its extraordinary scientific capacity, a stated desire to be competitive and the availability of capital, it may take several generations before Russia's investment in innovation will bear fruit, a report by MIT on the country's role in global innovation shows.

Forum Shows Russian Ingredients of Innovation Recipe

Good infrastructure, a secure environment and exponentially increasing computer power guarantee the growth of innovative solutions to global problems, political and technology leaders told attendees of the International Forum for Innovative Development in Moscow on Thursday.

Geography and Humility to Fuel Open Innovation Forum

Russia's straddling of Europe and Asia and its unpretentious approach to embracing all who strive to capitalize on new technology will make the Open Innovations Forum that starts Thursday in Moscow a success, the event's chief executive said.

Government Sees WTO Dividend One Year On

Membership in the World Trade Organization, or WTO, has increased Russia's overall economic competitiveness, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Tuesday at a review of the impact of the country's participation a year after ascension.

Russia Leads With New Internet Domains

Finding a restaurant in Moscow or protecting your Russian-speaking children from inappropriate information on the Internet could get easier soon thanks to this week's additions to the list of domain extensions.

Russia Mollifies Text of U.S. Tax Evasion Agreement

Russia has removed references to a new American law that seeks to identify tax dodgers from a document on information sharing between the Finance Ministry and the U.S. Treasury Department, a news report said Wednesday.

Online Video Market Growing Along With Anti-Piracy Legislation

The online video market in Russia has seen double-digit growth despite the prevalence of pirated content, thanks in part to recent legislation protecting intellectual property and a huge local appetite for content, according to a report on the sector released Tuesday.

Putin Confronts Economy's Long-Term Flaws

The worst of the economic crisis is over and the economy is under control, but it is time to steer the economy back into growth mode, President Vladimir Putin said at an investment forum Wednesday.

Minister Pushes Intensive Approach to Economic Salvation

Faced with a sputtering economy, the government must move quickly to increase transparency, reduce bureaucracy and implement structural reforms if it hopes to encourage growth and new investments, state officials and market players said at a VTB Capital investment forum.

Mobile Number Portability Passes Test

Mobile phone operators MegaFon and Tele2 have successfully tested the long-awaited mobile number portability, or MNP, service that will allow customers to switch mobile phone operators without losing their number, CNews reported.

Amendments May Restrict Scope of Public Private Partnerships

Amendments to the draft Federal Law On Basics of Public Private Partnership to be considered by the State Duma this fall may limit private investors' opportunities when co-investing with the government.

Dagestan Partners Up with Silicon Valley

The technology incubator is a joint venture between Global Venture Alliance, Summa Group and U.S.-based Plug and Play.

Russia's Growth Ranking Low, Hopes High

A study on economic factors that stimulate growth that was released Thursday puts Russia in 43rd place out of 60 countries, showing no overall improvement over last year's ranking.

EBRD, AEB to Launch Energy Efficiency Labels

New labels displaying energy efficiency information will start appearing on appliances and building materials sold in Russia by the end of the year, experts said at a news conference organized by the Association of European Businesses, on AEB, on Wednesday.

PayPal Starts Accepting Payments in Russian Currency

International online payment company PayPal officially launched its local currency service in Russia on Tuesday by introducing 13 large e-commerce companies that already added PayPal as a payment option to their websites.