Articles by Mark H. Gay

Law Leaves Firms Less Room for Flexible Hiring

A new law will restrict the use of temporary labor just at the time when companies have the greatest need of flexibility in managing budgets and staff numbers.

Labor Market Braced for More Losses as Economy Slows

Recruiters anticipate a second wave of redundancies this spring with as many as one in three employees in danger of losing their jobs or facing a cut in working hours or benefits.

Dual Passports: Implications for Businesspeople in Russia

The State Duma this summer adopted a bill on penalties for concealing dual citizenship. Although the legislation does not appear to affect the legality of a Russian citizen holding a second passport, it does create a gray area.

Manufacturers Set to Fare Better Amid Sanctions

Retailers are struggling as consumer spending declines, but government orders may be supporting the manufacturing sector.

Legal Firms Look for Russians With Experience Working Abroad

Legal firms are looking for lawyers with experience in more than one jurisdiction, and increasingly that means a Russian who has worked abroad, or a foreign lawyer with Russian skills Ч rather than the traditional expat in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Expert Says Many Russian Companies Sceptical About Focusing on Ethics

The attempt to teach ethics can be said to have failed spectacularly if it is measured by the behavior that led to the global financial crisis that erupted in 2007. French professor at Audencia Nantes School of Management, Dr. Andre Sobczak, associate dean for research, told Mark Gay that social and environmental responsibility should have deep roots, and be a part of a company's central strategy if it is to have a lasting impact.

Economic Dip Drives Change in Advisory Sector

Smaller companies account for a growing share of the legal and consulting business. It is part of the reshaping of the sector that began with the 2007 to 2008 global financial crisis. Declining investment activity in the face of stronger sanctions has given the trend a further push.

A New Oil and Gas Generation

The modernization of the Russian refining and petrochemicals industry is putting unprecedented strain on the country's resources of individuals with project management and engineering skills.

Economic Clouds Buffet Jobs Market

Western sanctions have so far been aimed at individuals but the Crimean issue could still have an impact on the broader economy. The European Union has already suspended trade talks and, as a later resort may consider economic and trade sanctions.

HR Buzzwords Of 2014

Retention, engagement and alignment may not be new concepts, but they are the key issues for companies that want to raise performance, according to Andrei Chulakhvarov, head of the permanent staffing department at Coleman Services.

Law To Counter Age Discrimination And Hiring By Appearances

The recruitment market is expected to become more transparent, with the introduction of laws to ban advertisers from specifying the gender or age of job applicants.

Languages No Longer Enough

Olga Lukyanova graduated from the Russian State Agrarian University in Moscow and, through the Erasmus Mondus program, won a grant to study in one of several European countries. She chose the Netherlands.

Today's Young Talent Get on the Brain Train

The number of Russian students studying abroad continues to rise despite the financial crisis. And a growing number are paying their own way Ч even while the Russian government struggles to get its own bursary program off the ground.

New Casual Trend in Dining

Hotels are adopting a casual, less stuffy image and even relocating their restaurants to compete with bars and dining venues. Long overlooked, some are now becoming destinations in their own right.

Hotel News

Owners Relieved at Sleepbox Success. Culture Hunters on the Trail of Historic Hotels. Sheremetyevo's First Walkway Hotel. Check Out Where Lenin Checked In.

New Rail and Business Hubs Tear Up Old Maps

Moscow is dividing into business districts, and investors are following the pattern. The next 12 months will see the delivery of more economy hotels in Moscow, including the further development of Paveletskaya, Kievskaya and Belorusskaya hubs.

Regions Pin Hopes on Sports Events

The development of airport hubs will spur the expansion of regional hotels but the government's slow progress on visa reform could act as a brake on growth, as it keeps tourists out of the country.

Frozen Luxury Hotel Projects Come Back to Life

Moscow's luxury hotels will see some long-delayed additions this year. The global banking crisis made financing elusive, but several projects are back on track.

Developments In The Law

The Federal Law, On Combating Corruption, places obligations on companies to develop rules and procedures along with an internal code of ethics.

Lawyers Make Growing Use Of Social Media

Social media may have come of age as a means of communication but its role within legal circles is also†growing.

Havens Retain Allure For Firms Seeking Flexibility Offshore

Cyprus Is Likely To Remain A Hub For Russian Investment Abroad And Lawyers Say Most Businesses Are Unlikely To Move Domicile.

Ban Hangs Over Temporary Staffing Agencies

Restrictions on the use of temporary staff threaten to close a growing source of business for recruitment companies.

Ban Hangs Over Temporary Staffing Agencies

Restrictions on the use of temporary staff threaten to close a growing source of business for recruitment companies.

Finance And Energy Sectors See Hiring Pause

Some professions are keeping the recruiters busy but they are not the industries that Russia is famous for.

Finance And Energy Sectors See Hiring Pause

Some professions are keeping the recruiters busy but they are not the industries that Russia is famous for.

Take Heed of Dynamic Legislative Environment

The proposed laws on the financial activities of government officials, such as prohibiting them from owning assets abroad, mark a general evolution toward additional controls on compliance and business ethics of which companies need to be aware, according to Delphine Nougayrede, a partner at DLA Piper.

Redress Abroad for Local Conflicts Could Be Limited

Russia's Supreme Arbitration Court has made a number of rulings that may limit the freedom of companies to regulate contracts under foreign law.

Choosing a Law Firm Based on Specialization

When it comes to choosing a Russian or international law firm, the issue is much deeper than language. Industry insiders say a dozen Russian law firms are fully multilingual, in languages like German as well as English.

Seeking Health Abroad

Health tourism is a fast growing subsegment of the travel industry in Russia, with the number of people seeking treatment abroad rising 47 percent last year.

Hassle-Free Travel to Islands in the Sun After Jamaica Waives Visas for Russians

Jamaica is the latest country to waive visa requirements for Russians, making the country a more convenient destination for last minute holidays. The country now allows visits of up to 30 days for tourist visitors.