Articles by Ovanes Oganisyan

B2B: Russia's Oil & Gas Sector: Avoiding a Toilet Paper Shortage

  • 29 October 13
  • Midlincoln Research Ч independent investment research service
Venezuelan oil minister Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso called oil "the devil's excrement"" saying that "it brings trouble."

B2B: Is Russia on the Path of Becoming a Frontier Market?

  • 15 October 13
  • Midlincoln Research Ч independent investment research service
International investors classify markets as being developed, emerging or frontier. Developed markets are the least risky, while emerging markets have more risk, and their state of economy also corresponds to the developing world.

B2B: Contact Sport of Russian M&A

  • 27 May 13
  • Midlincoln Research Ч independent investment research service
What do you think of when you hear that the opposition is raising anonymous donations through a service bought out by Sberbank?

Looking for the Center of Financial Mass

  • 04 March 13
  • Sberbank CIB
If you try to estimate where the current center of financial mass is as a point on the surface of Earth Ч a weighted average of geographic coordinates of various stock exchanges weighted by the value traded at those exchanges Ч it's 34.7 degrees of northern latitude and 23.9 degrees of eastern longitude.

Russia's Economic Epic

  • 22 January 13
  • Sberbank CIB
The world so far looks somewhat similar to last year. Most factors affecting the business environment and financial markets are similar to last year's.

Trends for 2012 and 2013

  • 14 December 12
  • Sberbank CIB
Globalization, the convergence of capitalist and socialist economic styles, middle-class growth and food price inflation have been major trends.

Privatization of the Pension System Delayed

  • 15 September 12
  • Troika Dialog
In the ongoing discussion on the future of the Russian pension system's reform, some officials are offering to cancel investment or a private component of the pension and to retain only the basic component guaranteed by the state, which is a really big step backwards in the pension reform and reverses the process of the privatization of the pension system in Russia and crushes the hope that Russia can create a deep pool of domestic institutional capital ready for investment.