Articles by Valentina Orlova

B2B: Amendments to Part IV of the Russian Civil Code in 2015

  • 08 June 15
  • Pepeliaev Group
2014 saw most of the amendments to Part IV of the Russian Civil Code come into effect.

B2B: Compensating Employees for Patent Law Items

  • 27 October 14
  • Pepeliaev Group
Employees who create intellectual property and their employers have long been concerned by the issue of how those employees should be compensated for patent law items of their creation.

B2B: Anti-Monopoly Legislation and Intellectual Property

  • 01 October 13
  • Pepeliaev Group
It is detrimental to apply mechanically the rules of competition legislation to relationships that are governed by another area of law.

IP Amendments to the Civil Code: When Will They Happen, What Will They Look Like?

  • 19 February 13
  • Pepeliaev Group
As it stands, for IP legislation to continue to develop, the exhaustion of rights demands attention. This cannot be left unresolved.

Proposed and Potential Amendments to the Russian Civil Code

  • 16 October 12
  • Pepeliaev Group
The amendments proposed for regulating disposals of exclusive rights continue the direction set when regulation of this important power was codified in detail.

Making Amends: Developments in Russia

The first half of 2012 cannot be said to be significant in terms of the further development of intellectual property legislation. That said, work has continued on amendments to the Russian Civil Code, with the corresponding draft law passed in its second reading.