Articles by Alex Labrom

Museum of Everything Ready for Art in Gorky Park

The last time The Moscow Times spoke to James Brett, founder of the unique Museum of Everything project, he was in Yekaterinburg, the first stop on an epic journey through Russia.

Russia vs. World at Stunt Show

Adrenaline junkies should head to the Tushino aerodrome this Saturday for the annual Prometheus International Festival of Stunt Art, where a team of Russian stuntmen will face off against a rest-of-the-world team in a death-defying stunt war.

Solyanka State Gallery Hosts Animation Festival

The Solyanka State Gallery is currently hosting the 7th Linoleum international animation festival, displaying a range of genres and styles from cartoons to stop motion as the gallery looks to establish a network of cultural links for the promotion and development of the world of animation.

Atomic Power on Show at Multimedia Museum

Nuclear power has not had the best press in recent times. Germany vowed to give up atomic power last year in the wake of the Fukushima disaster that saw a nuclear meltdown and the release of radioactive materials, and many other countries remain divided over its use.

Diplomat Turns Flat Into Belarussian Art Exhibit

Behind the door of apartment number 33 in the House on the Embankment, you can catch a glimpse of contemporary Belarussian art in an exhibit of often challenging, provocative, dark and light works that are housed for the rest of the week in the home of an Austrian diplomat.

Moscow's First Charity Shop Opens Near GUM

Moscow's first charity shop, Lavka Radostei, or The Shop of Joy, is now up and running in a small street by GUM department store.

Moldova Versus Comic at Tennis

It all started with a bet. Disputing the idea that all athletes are naturally talented at every sport, British comedian and writer Tony Hawks wagers that he can beat the entire Moldovan national football team at tennis.