Articles by Matthew Luxmoore


It's no irony that Simferopol's name comes from the Greek Simferopolis, meaning "city of usefulness." Each year about 7 million tourists pass through its railway station, and the city has earned a reputation as a stopover for vacationers waiting for their connection to the ports of Sevastopol or Yalta.

Moscow Dog Shelters Beset by Difficulties

When an animal shelter in western Moscow burned down earlier this month in a possible arson attack, it was just the latest setback for the city's dog shelters and stray dogs.


At a time when many of the country's single-factory towns are crumbling, one settlement located 350 kilometers southwest of Moscow tells a different story.

Disadvantaged Youth Wish Upon a Moscow Star

As an action-packed weekend drew to a close on a recent Sunday evening, a dozen kids on a boat trip down the Moscow River were noticeably exhausted but content.

Construction Threatens to Shake Up Landmark

An architectural landmark in central Moscow built by Soviet architect and painter Konstantin Melnikov has found itself at the center of two large building sites.

Court Throws Out Anti-WTO Claim as Protesters Gather

The Constitutional Court on Monday dismissed claims that the accession protocol for Russia’s entry into the World Trade Organization violates the Constitution, paving the way for its final review and probable ratification by the State Duma on Tuesday.

Moscow Park Goes Yankee for a Day

The Krasnaya Presnya park transformed into a slice of Americana over the weekend, with U.S. flags and hamburgers, a treasure hunt for the U.S. Constitution, and appearances by the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley and Mickey Mouse.


Dating back more than 1,000 years, Suzdal is one of Russia's oldest settlements and a place almost completely untouched by the pace of change that has transformed the architecture of the country's major cities into one of aesthetic extremes.