Articles by Alexey Konevsky

B2B: Becoming More Attractive to Investors: Opportunities for the Regions

  • 28 April 14
  • Pepeliaev Group
In terms of assessing how attractive investors find a region, one vital factor is how simple it is to obtain a construction permit in that region.

B2B: Does the Russian Government Really Need Foreign Investment?

  • 04 March 14
  • Pepeliaev Group
It is unclear what idea lies behind the decision to restrict foreigners from owning real estate on the whole territory of Russia.

Civil Code Draft Amendments. Land Plots for Construction Under Leases

  • 12 May 12
  • Pepeliaev Group
Under the proposed amendments to the Civil Code, a rather significant number of limited real rights are introduced, an exhaustive list of which is set out in Article 223 of the draft Civil Code (the "Draft Civil Code"). These restrictions include a right of permanent possession of land (Chapter 20); a right to develop land (Chapter 201); servitudes (Chapter 202); a right of personal use and enjoyment (Chapter 203); mortgage (Chapter 204); a right to acquire another person's immovable property (Chapter 205); a right to transfer property (Chapter 206); a right of operational management (Chapter 207); and a right of restricted possession of a land plot (Article 2971).