Articles by Robert Lee

Baroque Debut for Moscow Expat Choir

Jan Dismas Zelenka is a musical figure few people are immediately familiar with. A predecessor to Johann Sebastian Bach, Zelenka was a Czech-born composer in the Baroque style who spent his life ceaselessly trying to win favor in the Saxon court of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Murder, Drugs and Crime in L.A. Police Photographs

Bullet holes in a window, a man lying on the floor with a pool of blood around his head, all photos of crime and death in a city, Los Angeles, that knows how to show death in many ways.

A Good Cause: Pastors Brings Aid to Hungry, Refugees

American expatriate Matthew Laferty, 26, is the pastor of the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy at St. Andrew's Church on Voznesensky Pereulok. He is also the executive director of the charity MPC Social Services, the charitable wing of the chaplaincy, which runs a diverse range of projects in Moscow.

Providing Support For Local Children

Georgia Williams is an American-British expat and founder of the Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund, or ROOF — a children's charity seeking to educate and enable "Russia's forgotten children."

Italian Film Festival Brings Best of Venice to Town

Now in its third year, the Festival of Italian Cinema: Venice to Moscow officially opens its doors Monday, and over the course of the week it will present a selection of contemporary Italian films picked from films shown at the Venice Film Festival.

St. Patrick's Day Parade Along Arbat 'Best Ever'

St. Patrick's Day parade returned to Moscow as hundreds of people paraded along Arbat as weeklong celebrations of Ireland's national holiday continue.


In trying to reach and conquer the Baltic Sea, Tsar Peter the Great declared war on the Swedish Empire in 1700. Three years into a conflict that would last more than two decades, Peter sanctioned the building of a new town on the shores of Lake Onega to be used as an iron foundry for much-needed weaponry for his northern fleets.

Top Films Set for Irish Film Fest

Catch some of the best of contemporary Irish filmmaking in the annual Irish Film Festival at the Khudozhestvenny cinema, which started Wednesday evening.

Peter Hook Brings Britain's Joy Division to Moscow

Peter Hook, founding member of two of the most influential British bands ever, the immortal Joy Division and the equally revered New Order, takes to the stage Saturday at Milk with his new group but will, nevertheless, be looking back at the original group.