Articles by Daria Ivanova

Business Trips of Highly Qualified Specialists

  • 04 September 12
  • LEVINE Bridge Law Firm
This article is devoted to the issue of organizing business trips for foreign employees working as Highly Qualified Specialists (here and after — HQS) in Russia. Employers try their best to hire HQS due to the fact that they have a lot of pluses. First of all, the companies have to pay less in taxes for a HQS. Second, HQS has an opportunity to get a work permit and a multiple work visa for three years in just 14 days, while hiring a foreign employee by an ordinary procedure takes several months.

Administrative Liability for Violations of Russian Migration Law

  • 21 February 12
  • LEVINE Bridge
As is well known, ignorance of one's legal responsibilities, be it either foreign employees or the organization that employs them, does not absolve them from their legal responsibility and often leads to serious consequences.