Articles by Elena Trusova

B2B: Amendments to the Anti-Piracy Law: New Rules for the Internet

  • 01 December 14
  • Goltsblat BLP
On 25 November, the President approved a draft law amending the so-called Anti-Piracy Law designed to protect IP on the Internet.

B2B: New Turnaround in the History of Soviet Brands?

  • 02 June 14
  • Goltsblat BLP
A judicial battle surrounding Soviet trademarks has been waged ceaselessly in recent years, with manufacturers fighting to gain rights.

Legal Highlights: Anti-Piracy Law: First Results

  • 08 April 14
  • Goltsblat BLP
The so called "Anti-piracy law" has been in effect for a few months now. The Law amends the legislation in a way allowing access to Internet sites hosting illegal audiovisual works to be restricted under preliminary relief measures before there is a final court judgment or even before a relevant lawsuit is filed.

Legal Highlights: Sport Claims

  • 26 February 14
  • Goltsblat BLP
The Sochi Olympics have just finished, where microseconds determined some results, and where judges' decisions were greeted with whistles and screams as fans voiced their approval or disdain.

Legal Highlights: The New Anti-Piracy Law: Changes in the Pipeline?

  • 18 September 13
  • Goltsblat BLP
The aim of the music and film industries should be to expand cooperation with Internet companies, and to conclude licensing agreements with them.

Intellectual Property: Weapon for Attack and Defense in Competitive Disputes

  • 25 January 12
  • Goltsblat BLP

The main function of a company's intellectual property is to individualize products and the company as well. Yet, as recent legal practice and the practice of antitrust authorities show, intellectual property can also be used as a weapon in legal battles against competitors.