Articles by Chloe Cranston

Church Looks for Place to Put Its Homeless Tent

Snow came down Tuesday, an unwelcome and unexpected April shower, the tail end of a harsh winter that has seemingly decided to never end — temperatures are predicted to go down to minus 7 degrees Celsius on Thursday night.

Artist and a Camera, A Really Bad Camera

It is a generally accepted fact today that if you sneak around taking surreptitious snaps of seminaked women with a camera that you have designed to be easily concealed, you will be arrested rather than have your photos shown in a gallery.

Putin in Gogol's 'Nose' Remake at Erotic Museum

Everyone knows the classic Russian tale of the official who woke up to find a vital piece of his body missing, but a day before the presidential election Sunday, Gogol's "The Nose" will be retold with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the role of the unhappy official. He loses a different body part though.

Top Gear Live Show To Play Olimpiisky

Fans of the British television program "Top Gear" will get a chance to see hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, burning cars, test drives and wild stunts at the Olympiisky Stadium on Friday and Saturday.

Artist Rose Wylie, 77, Gets First Show in Moscow

Rose Wylie found her art vocation at the age of four with the help of a green paint box and a coloring-in book. Now, 73 years later, her work is being exhibited for the first time in Moscow at the Regina Gallery.

Tinned Foods Get a Gourmet Makeover at Mechta

Opening a can of pungent preserved meat may bring back less than fond memories from childhood for some, but for one Moscow restaurant it is the basis for a new menu.

Prokhorov Winning in Coffee Chain Latte Election

Voting has already begun in the presidential election in Moscow, in one coffee chain at least, which allows drinkers to publicly declare their presidential preference before the March 4 election. Instead of a white slip, the ballot paper is in the form of cinnamon powder sieved onto your drink.

Neeps, Haggis, Tatties At Burns Supper Night

In celebration of the 253rd birthday of Robert Burns, Scottish Muscovites and those with Celtic longings will attend the St. Andrew Society's Burns Supper at the Marriott Royal Aurora on Saturday.

Sokolniki Snow City Showcases Sculpture, Design

With winter having finally arrived, a new city has sprung up within Moscow, made entirely of ice and snow. Located in Sokolniki Park, Moroz City (Frost city) claims to be the first-ever snow city in Russia. The architectural feat required 500 blocks of ice, 1,000 blocks of snow and more than 100 architects, sculptors, artists and volunteers from all over Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Serbia, Belarus and Finland.