Articles by Rina Soloveitchik

Prisoner at Center of Outcry Beaten

Sergei Mokhnatkin greets visitors with the warm smile of an old-world gentleman, but it does little to hide the exhaustion on his face.

Families Worry Rig Tragedy Being Swept Away

As the anti-election fraud protest at Prospekt Akademika Sakharova raged around her, Yelena Bogush seemed out of place.

'Pearl Ensign' Avoids Prison Time

A former police officer in St. Petersburg was given a suspended sentence for beating up and insulting political protesters last year, a scene that was captured on video.

Twitter Becomes Key for Moscow Protests

You may have heard that tens of thousands of people would protest against election falsifications on Saturday. You probably didn't hear it from state-controlled Russian television. But perhaps you have been following it in real time on Twitter.

50,000-Strong Rally Approved

Dashing fears that a second major rally over the State Duma elections would be banned, City Hall on Wednesday authorized a protest for Dec. 24 on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova.

Police Deny Magnitsky Died From Beating

The Interior Ministry has declared that lawyer Sergei Magnitsky died from heart failure in jail and not as the result of beating by prison officials, refuting the findings of a recent report.

250 Held in 2nd Night of Vote Protests

Opposition activists and pro-Kremlin youth faced off for the first time in a Moscow square on Tuesday, but police cracked down on the protesters before they could do anything but shout a few slogans.

Activists: Up to 25% of Vote Faked

Opposition leaders and rights activists on Wednesday presented fresh indications of massive fraud at last Sunday's parliamentary vote, insisting that election officials fabricated 20 percent to 25 percent of United Russia's result.

Khodorkovsky Film Makes Debut

"Khodorkovsky," a documentary about Russia's most famous prisoner, will debut in Moscow on Thursday, just three days before State Duma elections — but in just three movie theaters after others nervously backed out.