Articles by Katherine Lawrence Mansfield

Golden Mask Shows Quality Beyond Just the Big 2

It is important to be reminded every so often that Russia's balletic prowess extends beyond the Bolshoi and the Mariinsky.

Days of Francophonie Festival Celebrates French Culture With Films, Performances

Days of Francophonie is a festival celebrating the French language and francophone culture in all its forms.

Kharms Dance Novella Is a Hit

A young man stops to ask an old woman the time. Offering him her clock, the young man replies, "There are no hands here." The old woman, consulting the blank clock face tells him "It's now a quarter to three."

A Night of Chekhov in English

Moscow is a Chekhov lover's paradise. A paradise, that is, unless you are an English-speaking expat. While the city is a gold mine of world class theater, flush with companies and festivals performing the great writer's works, his plays are almost never performed in English. For foreigners who lack the language skills needed to fully appreciate a Russian language play, this can be torturous.

TsEKh Fest Offers Best of Contemporary Dance

Moscow's Center for Contemporary Dance and Performance, TsEKh, kicked off its annual Festival of Theater Dance this weekend. Once again, Moscow audiences are being treated to a weeklong kaleidoscope of some of the best contemporary dance, theater and performance around. In a city dominated by the Bolshoi in particular and ballet in general, the festival, which runs through Dec. 11, offers a rare opportunity to see a more experimental side of dance.

Finding Common Ground While Dancing

In a city dominated by the Bolshoi Theater in particular and ballet in general, the Festival of Dance Theaters once more will give audiences a weeklong kaleidoscope of some of the best contemporary dance, theater and performance on offer.

Pianist Taylor Ready for Musical Mecca Moscow

Performing in Russia can be a daunting task for any classical musician.

Polyakov, Paris Ballet and Pina's Assistant on Screen

Interpreting one art through another is never easy, and filtering dance Ч that most temporal of arts Ч through the prism of a camera can be particularly tricky.