Articles by Olga Bantsekina

Employment: Russian HR Market 2016 at a Glance

  • 27 November 15
  • Coleman Services UK
In my article on the Russian HR market at the end of the last year I have stated that 2014 had been "the most unstable, unpredictable and uncertain" in many meanings. It seems natural to repeat it now, talking about 2015 and trying to take a glance at the year ahead.

Employment: HR Market Preliminary Results, 2014

  • 25 November 14
  • AEB Board
Despite the normal trend to keep current jobs in the crisis period, the number of employees willing to change employers has increased.

Employment: HR Market on the Verge 2013/2014

  • 19 November 13
  • Coleman Services UK
Graduate recruitment seems to be harder than ever, with companies becoming even more creative in their pursuit of young potential.

HR Market: Preliminary Results of 2012

The year of 2012 is passing by, the year of common uncertainty and apprehension. For the whole year it seemed that everyone has been waiting for something and watching others, waiting and watching in their turn.

Agency Labor and Secondment in Russia: Present Reality and Perspectives

  • 19 September 12
  • Coleman Services UK
Secondment (in all its different manifestations and various terminology, such as agency labor, personnel leasing, outstaffing, temporary and seasonal staffing) was established in our country back in the late 90s. These worldwide-known services started in Russia with outstaffing shortly after the crisis of 1998, helping international investors in the implementation of their plans and projects in the post-default country with no increase of headcounts shown to their headquarters, at the same time helping the country itself and its citizens to survive. They have developed gradually during the last decade into a strong market all over the country, with an average yearly growth of about 30 annual.

Recruitment in Russia. Past. Present. Future.

  • 18 April 12
  • Coleman Services UK

Returning in my memories back to 1995, I can hardly remember any of my acquaintances who would not ask "what do you say you are doing?" after my mentioning my first job in the recruitment field for a world leader in the recruitment industry. I believe almost no one knew what recruitment was about at that time in Russia, moreover, I would not make a big historical mistake if I say recruitment practically did not exist yet in this country.

HR Market – 2012 Projections

  • 29 February 12
  • Coleman Services UK
I honestly believe that making forecasts is the most thankless occupation, especially in the times of instability and uncertainty that we find ourselves in today.

HR Market: Preliminary Results of 2011

  • 09 November 11
  • Coleman Services UK

The Russian labor market has substantially changed during the last 3 1/2 years of an overall unstable economy. The changes have been so profound that it is evident we may never return to the pre-crisis position.