Articles by Vladimir Lupenko

What the Telecom Market Faces After the Merger of MegaFon and Yota

  • 22 May 12
  • Financial Consulting Group (FCG)

Scartel (better known to the consumer under the brand name Yota) is the only Russian company that boasts the frequency LTE (4G), and today one of the most desirable pieces on the telecommunications market. The future of this industry depends on how quickly the company is swooped up and taken under the wing of one of the big three operators.

A New Turn in the Development of E-Commerce in Russia

  • 03 April 12
  • Financial Consulting Group (FCG)
In recent years, the Internet has been penetrating Russia increasingly faster. Currently, the country has reached 60 million users in the network, making it an attractive platform for Internet business. The growth potential is now very high, being measured in double-digit figures.

Growth Spots: Private Equity Market in 2011

  • 10 January 12
  • Financial Consulting Group (FCG)
The departing year of 2011 ushered in a new era of rapid growth for private equity funds, both in terms of fund numbers — 15 new funds were established — as well as quantity and volume of transactions — more than 100 closed deals. The bulk of the newly established private equity funds owe their existence to Russian businesspeople.

Why Aren't Private Label Goods Catching On in Russia?

  • 25 October 11
  • Financial Consulting Group (FCG)
Several years ago, experts heralded the triumphant march of private label items into the retail sector. Unfortunately, the development of this area did not live up to experts' optimistic expectations. Why?