Articles by Ilya Skripnikov

B2B: Private Concession Initiative — New Opportunities for Infrastructure Projects

  • 12 October 15
  • Dentons
For quite a while public authorities acted as the initiators of concession projects. After the decision to implement a project using the concession model they would announce it and hold tenders.

B2B: Russia Adopts Laws on Public-Private Partnerships, Municipal-Private Partnerships

  • 17 August 15
  • Dentons
The Russian Federation has adopted, and will enact as of 1 January 2016 (with the exception of Art. 46, scheduled to enter into effect as of the date of official publication), RF Federal Law № 224-FZ dated 13 July 2015 "On Public-Private Partnership, Municipal-Private Partnership in the Russian Federation and the Amendment of Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation."

B2B: New Concession Rules for Private Investors

  • 25 March 14
  • Dentons
One of the key provisions is the possibility to procure the concession tender where the public side is represented by several grantors.

B2B: Road Concessions: Request for Total Recall

  • 26 August 13
  • Dentons Moscow
Experts say the major legal challenges have been resolved, and concessions are in the works to advance automobile infrastructure.

B2B: Private Investments 'On Track' for Russian Rail Projects

  • 08 April 13
  • Dentons
The development of the railway network in Russia has always depended on federal financing and the capability of OAO Russian Railways to build new lines.

The Role of Insurance in PPP Projects

  • 25 October 11
  • Salans
Insurance companies play an important role in public-private partnerships around the world. They are key counterparties of concessionaires, together with lenders, general contractors and O&M operators.

Regional PPP Addiction

  • 20 September 11
  • Salans

Almost five years have now passed since the adoption of the first regional law on public-private partnerships (PPP) in St. Petersburg in 2006. This law, which was passed shortly after the enforcement of the federal law on concession agreements in summer 2005, has caused turmoil in the nascent PPP market in Russia. This regional initiative offers clear evidence of the existence of an alternative PPP development strategy in Russia.